Internet Login (email address used to register on ) Details about the file such as the file’s type, permissions, owner and size are displayed. Mandriva ! That looks great File Type: png Screenshot-Mandriva [Running ] – Sun xVM ( KB, views). Last edited. How would one go about dual booting ubuntu with mandriva? I have tried mandriva spring and I find it is quite good also and I would very much like to dual boot the two OS’s Advanced reply Adv Reply . File Type: png.

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Here is a compilation of 25 such sites related to Fedora that you should bookmark. Mandriva Linux Beta In the news this past week, Fedora prepares for the grand launch of “Leonidas”, openSUSE opens 20009 its development model to allow more community contribution, and SliTaz publishes a roadmap to stable version 3.

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October 12th, None breaks hardware compatibility and none prevents you from getting an Absolute Linux system up and running. Once again I tried running it from the command line.


In Absolute Linux it seemed to work fine when I created a new document. October 12th, 7.

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Failing that, you will need to go through each of the individual steps including setting a swap partition, setting a root partition, and defining mount points for any additional partitions you want to use. Zenwalk has always looked pretty elegant. Not having this basic functionality in a distro that touts itself for being newcomer-friendly and easy-to-use doesn’t make much sense to me.

But we are not just a distribution — we are a project made up filetupe teams, and individuals: Now the distro is calling on the community to provide suggestions for the release. Partitioning now supported in ‘zfsinstall’ script. P Anyway, my issues are solved. The time now is However, whenever Fletype try to open an existing native AbiWord document, I get just a miniature cursor and a blank screen. Have to learn package management at console level, I mean.

October 12th, 8.

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If you are doing fkletype clean install on a virgin system or one you don’t mind wiping, this really does offer a simplified way to get Absolute Linux running. There is an Installation Guide on the Absolute Linux website based on version Tags for this Thread eyecandyfeaturesguilinux. Join Date Aug Beans 2, For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here.


I’ve always considered the need to go to third party sites and the lack of a large, well-stocked official repository a major drawback to running Slackware. I say that Sabayon Linux is best looking out-of-the box.

Sure, it’s fast and performs well, but so do lots of other lightweight distros, including a number of Slackware derivatives. There is also a variety of sites that provide a very good selection of ready-to-go Slackware Thanks for your reply.

Almost none of the graphical system mandrivaa tools work in this release. Seeking security in source code. First look at Absolute Linux This was done properly on my Sylvania netbook and the correct default resolution of x was chosen.

Copyright C – Atea Ataroa Limited. You can just install mandriva on another partition. In addition, enabling these repositories in gslapt can create conflicts and dependency issues.