MAJOR CONNECTORS. DEFINITION. The MAJOR CONNECTOR is that part of a RPD that joins the component parts on one side of the arch to those on the. Major Connectors. BDS III year. RPD Lecture. Timing- PM. Dr Deeksha Arya . Associate Professor. Department of prosthodontics. Components of a typical. Major Connectors IN RPD – Download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt /.pptx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. DENTISTRY-.

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Both the linguoplate and the cingulum bar ideally should have a terminal rest at each end, regardless of the need for indirect retention.

The principle of leverage is connected with this component part. The Major connector is the major component of the cast partial denture to which all other parts are directly or indirectly attached. In these systems, the number of cycles that symbolize period change ,ajorto 1, According to the results of the whole area, palatal plate dentures were deformed the most, and anteroposterior bar dentures were deformed the least among the dentures tested. To provide a visible finishing line for the casting.

The designs were palatal plate, U-shaped plate, palatal strap, and anteroposterior bar. C, Superior border of the major connector is outlined. Impingement of gingival tissue should be avoided.

Acceptability of maxillary major connectors in removable partial dentures

To provide vertical support the removable partial denture framework should be designed to engage the tooth that encourages axial loading so that the stresses are directed towards the long axis of the tooth.

Conclusions The metal bar major connector was the most acceptable maxillary major connector while acrylic resin plate was more acceptable than metal plate maxillary major connector. The single palatal bar has perhaps been described as the most widely used and the most preferred maxillary major connector, while the metal plate was the least preferred of the maxillary major connector 1.

D, Lingual bar with connectorw bar cingulum bar.

5: Major and Minor Connectors

Figure If a linguoplate major connector was indicated for this patient with overlapped anterior teeth, judicious recontouring of the lingual proximal surfaces of right lateral, right central, and left lateral incisors would eliminate excessive undercuts and permit closer adaptation of the lingual apron of the major connector. Stresses on different dental prosthesis have been studied using various techniques such as brittle coatings, strain gauges, holography, stereo-photometry, two and three-dimensional photo elasticity, finite element analysis and other numerical methods.


Also, rpx the patients except one described the denture with the metal bar connector as the least disturbing during normal rest whereas eight patients If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system.

Group B wore the dentures in the order: The major connector joins the components of a removable partial denture RPD on one side of the arch to those on the opposite msjor. Taking into consideration, the class I situation deflections were studied in two maxillary major connector designs.

Class I situation—Antero-posterior palatal strap and Full palatal coverage. Mandibular incisors that are periodontally weak may thus be retained, with provisions for possible loss and future additions. The fluorescence penetrant liquid inspection test was used to detect the surface microcracks. The occlusal loading mean force of kg with a frequency of 4 Hz simulated vertical loading.

The results were similar to those reported by Campbell 9and Wagner and Traweek The six types of rpc major connectors include the following: A finite element analysis does not produce formula as a solution, nor does it solve a class of problems. Step 1 The maxilla was created using the cross section sketch options. Indirect retainers if the prosthesis has distal extension bases.

These deflections can be controlled by- Maximum coverage of the soft tissues. All the 15 patients treated in this study reported that the maxillary major connectors interfered with speaking.

The anteroposterior bar connector design was referred to as a rps connector by one author 2 but it has been argued that the ring connector is not quite the same as a combination of anterior and posterior bars, as the palatal aspects of the teeth and their gingivae margins are covered in ring connectror Registration Forgot your password?

Group A wore the dentures for the first fifteen days in the order: The model was assigned the material properties. The palatal plate showed the most deformation. The following are the principal objections to use of the U-shaped connector: Bases are attached to metal framework by ladderlike minor connectors similar to those seen in 2a.


Its disadvantage is in its coverage of gingival margin and its reported interference with speech and patent’s comfort 6. Do not contribute to retention or trapping of food particles.

Are rigid and provide cross-arch stability through the principle of broad distribution of stress. The first method is to measure the height of the floor of the mouth in relation to the lingual mxjor margins of adjacent teeth with a periodontal probe Figure Many opinions have been expressed concerning the acceptability of major connector but such studies in Africa are very conectors.

Other components of the RPD can be effective only if the major connector is rigid. Introduction Removable partial denture is a prosthesis fabricated to replace missing teeth connecors related tissues.

Maxillary Single Dentures More common More common Teeth usually lost before their mandibular antagonists Teeth usually lost.

Custom Trays Individualized trays for making final impressions Individualized trays for making final impressions Made on a diagnostic cast Made on a diagnostic. Objectives The aim of this study is to compare subjective patients’ reactions to three maxillary major connectors: The wider maajor coverage of a U-shaped major connector, the more it resembles a palatal plate-type connector with its several advantages.

A computer program especially developed for this type of study was used.

Major Connectors.

The intaglio surface of the maxillary RPD connectora the same set was coated with a mix of elastomeric impression material Accuflex, GCseated on the metal master model, and allowed to set. Jan 17, Posted by mrzezo in Prosthodontics Comments Off on 5: Relief should be provided beneath a major connector to prevent its settling into areas of possible interference, such as inoperable tori or elevated median palatal sutures 5.

Also, the choice of the shape and location of major connectors is greater in the upper jaw because of the larger area available for coverage offered by the hard palate 2. Major connectors should be free of movable tissue.