Mahimna paaram they parama vidhusho yadhya sadhrushi, Sthuthir Brahmadheenama api thadavsanna sthwayi gira, Adhavachya sarva swamathi parinamam. Lord Shiv meaning “The Auspicious One”, also known as Mahadeva. Shiv is the powerful and fascinating deity of the Hindu Trinity who represents death and. Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Shiv Mahimna Stotra. Download Shiv Mahimna Stotra and enjoy it on your.

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The person who with purified heart and in great devotion always reads this beautiful and elevating hymn to Shiva, becomes like Shiva after death in the abode of Shiva, and while in this world gets abundant wealth, long life, progeny and fame. Therefore, knowing You to be the Giver of fruits of sacrifices and putting faith in the Vedas, people become resolute about the performance of sacrificial acts.


O Giver of boons, since Bana was the worshipper of Your feet is it to be wondered at that he had the three worlds at his command and put to shame the wealth of Indra? Pushpa Dantha with all great and good qualities wrote this prayer.

O, Destroyer of Three Cities of the storra, thinking that my speech may become purified by this act, my intellect Buddhi has become prepared to sing your greatness.

O Lover of solitude, my salutations to You who are the nearest and the farthest. Vishnu when he started worshipping your feet with thousand lotuses, Found one short and plucked his lotus like eyes and worshipped your feet, And this ebbing devotion on his part stotfa in to the holy wheel, Which is ready to protect the three worlds, in his hands.

Shiva Mahimna Stotram – Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

Kusumadanta equivalent of Pushhpadanta was the king of all Gandharvas and he was a devotee of the Lord of lords, Shiva, who wears the baby moon with a few digits only in his head. By Pushpa Dantha Translated by P. All mahimnna same,O Protector.

O Destroyer of Tripura, it was because of that great devotion, which prompted him to offer his heads as lotuses to Mahima feet, that the ten-headed Ravana was still with arms and eager for fresh war after he had effortlessly rid the three worlds of all traces of enemies.


If the Goddess of Knowledge uproots the dark mountain, And dissolves it in the waters of sea and uses it as ink, Takes the branch of the wish giving Kalpaga tree as pen, And writes on the earth as her broad slate, She would not be able to completely describe you.

Shiva Mahimna Stotram

Thus people describe in words every attribute as yours. So the king spread one day Bilwa leaves, which are extremely dear to Shivain his garden. Why all this paraphernalia? Pushpa dantha who was a great Lord among Gandharvas, And who is the slave of Lord Shiva wearing the crescent, Became banished from his position due to anger of Lord Shiva, And composed this great Mahimna prayer, praising Lord Shiva.

Shiva Mahimna Stotram with Lyrics and Meaning

He then designed a prayer to Lord Shiva for forgiveness. O Giver of boons! That bliss which they see in their heart and exult thus, is verily you Yourself! Was the birth of the Universe independent of its Lord ie, You?

Very wise people have not seen the other shore of mahinna greatness, And even the Gods like Brahma are not capable of praising you, And in spite of that, those like me who consider you as everything, If they attempt to sing your praise, will it be considered as improper? I am the Shiva. Introduction, transliteration, and translation by. The legend has some basis since the name of the author is mentioned in verse number 38 of the stotram.

॥ शिवमहिम्न स्तोत्र पुष्पदन्त ॥

The greatness that you have is capable of creation, upkeep and deluge of all worlds, But the Vedas made it in to three qualities and ascribed it to three people, And Oh my God who blesses, it simply does not happen that prettier than pretty, Words can be written by fools about you, who are one without any cause. Oh destroyer of worries, you play in the cremation ground, Your companions there are ghosts, you cover yourself, With the burnt ashes of corpses and wear a garland of skulls, And the entire world knows that your conduct is not pleasant, And still, oh giver of boons, you give pleasure to those who think of you.


Let its recitation be beneficial to you as well!

If it is so, I should not be a exception. It does not matter. Yet whose mind and speech do not turn to the form later taken by Him saguna 2. From this can be judged vastness of Your divine body. O, the three-eyed one!

Shiva Nirmaalya consists of the Bilva leaves, flowers, etc. The position of earth becomes untenable with your dancing steps, And the sky becomes full of scattering planets and Gods due to it, And the flowing hairs of your mane makes heaven distressed due to it hitting the walls, But your dance is meant for protection of the world, Showing the great can do whatever action that they stoyra. Others still, hold that it is eternal and non-eternal — having different characteristics.

Whose subject of description can it be? There is no God greater than Shiva, No prayer greater than Mahimna prayer, No Chant greater than the aghora chant, Mahimnq no principle greater than the teacher. The legend about the circumstances leading to the composition of this Stotra is as follows. The best one among all groups Gandharva? When You danced to save the world, the earth was suddenly thrown into a precarious state at the striking of Your feet; the spatial regions and the hosts of stars felt oppressed by the movement of Your massive club-like arms; and the heavens became miserable as their sides were constantly struck by Your waving matted hair.

O, Giver of Boons, your greatness is the cause of creation, maintenance, and destruction of the whole universe; this is supported by three Vedas ie, Rigveda, Yajurveda, and Saamaveda ; it is distributed in the three qualities ie, Satva, Rajas and Tamas and three bodies of Brahmaa, VishhNu and Mahesha.