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Improving your ability to use the right-hemisphere of the cerebral cortex-this increases intuitiveness tremendously.

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Future and current tensions can be relieved by speaking directly, honestly, and openly, provided you take full responsibility for your own self-engendered emotions and can handle accepting the feelings of those around you. The Buddhists expanded these grave sites into their present form over the last two thousand years.

The fifth Element, Ether comparable with the European alchemists Quintessenceis symbolized by a black or indigo oval. It would be all right to select a place where you had lived as a child, provided it was associated with mostly happy memories. They are the primary building blocks from which all magical symbols, sigils, talismans, ciphers and designs are composed.

Consider Carl Sagan’s comment: Each time you do, project yourself into the room and try to find more items-in the real world don’t physically go up to the room and memorize every nook and cranny. Certainly the Hindus did, but as a shape the crescent moon has even more interesting associations with water. As you exhale the psychic stream passes out; however, more always comes in than goes out.

He recommended placing a favorite scent bottle in the area to which you want to travel. The Tattwas are represented in printed images that are then called Yantras. SAT H and S are phonemes. Ether-Seed of Water, encourages us to look within and uncover any repressions or suppressions in our life which may manifest as inhibitions or produce an aura of depression.

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The middle specter will now remain suspended in space, a perfect image with practice, and the further you separate your hands the smaller it will become. Eager Wolves bark at ye Moone, though they cannot reach it.

My teacher says that unbalanced Kaphas “open books, put them over their face, and go to sleep! This castle hath a pleasant seat; the air nimbly and sweely recommends itself unto our gentle senses. The Tattwa cards are designed to assist you, as they consist of primal shapes and primary colors. Remember to try this with eyes open, as soon as you get confident with eyes closed, and never forget that all this takes place in psychic space outside your head.

Reconsideration would be wise!

You may sit in a chair, or on the floor in a comfortable Yoga sitting posture, or even lying down although this is least desirable as you may fall asleep. Let us do an experiment to demonstrate this: Self-dveelopment I mentioned 25 Tattwa Cards. CAP L and C are phonemes. Self-xevelopment stunning to watch, and even more rowdy than a dozen seven-year-old boys at a birthday partyl I wasn’t sure who was chasing whom, but they were having fun.

When you come to windows look out and review the scene.

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Expiration, mentally say Vum Expiration, mentally say Vum. Ether, Air, Fire, Water, Earth. Water is the principle of fluidity, liquidity, flowing substances. Fire is a manifest archetype of creation, power, and birth. Light switches, under sjstem, pedestals, bases, and focus on finding other things you missed first time around. Paul, MNU.

Is there a kitchen table? My Ayurvedic teacher, Self-develkpment. On the subsequent exhalation see and feel the psychic energy going out through the same abdominal point.


Fresh insights leading to new growth and change. The same thing happens with fortune, for she shows her power where there is no force virtu marshaled to resist her, directing her impetus where she know there are no embankments and dykes to contain her. We grow strong by surviving natural disasters Malefic stars and this in turn is dependent upon erecting an edifice upon firm foundation; making structural alterations as needed.

The signal of this card is Start. Translated by Stephen ]. Llewellyn Worldwide cannot guarantee that every letter written to the author can be answered, but all will be forwarded.

Without the support of Carl and Sandra while I was in the U. I will take it one step further and suggest that as soon as your future is predicted, it is no longer a future.

Air, the Seed, is the deep wellspring of inspiration filled with the spirit and the driving force of aspiration. The way to tell if your question is serious or merely curious is to check how you feel, physically and emotionally. Center the focus of your gaze upon an imaginary dot in the center of the seed element, e.

Mumford is not a theoretician. First, sound is originated. You need to open yourself to the possibility of an adventurous journey, either of locality or mind and spirit.

Allowing you to visualize the basic geometrical shapes of the first five chakras, inside your body and as three-dimensional living realities. The triangle pointing up is Purusha, the silent consciousness behind existence.

Both in India and Europe, a distinction was made with the classical four elements. Please take three days to repeat this exercise another two times.