The Thran (Magic: The Gathering: The Thran) – Kindle edition by J. Robert King. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. They were introduced in the Urza’s Saga set, with such cards as Thran Quarry and were able to cure; their arcane healing magic only worsened the disease. 4/27/, If a player somehow has only one land card in their graveyard when either of Fall of the Thran’s last two chapter abilities resolves, that player returns.

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Yawgmoth was accused of masterminding a number of suspicious plagues which broke out during his exile, and the Alliance threatened war against Halcyon if he was not removed from power.

Inside the Null Sphere, the artificers have convinced their guards that the Sphere must rise higher to magicc able to absorb the energy from the death clouds the stonechargers leave behind before they reach Halcyon.

You feel bad for Galacian even though he frustrates you, come to dislike and distrust Yawgmoth, and aren’t really sure how to feel about Rebbec.

Yawgmoth discovers that the powerstones on which all the technology of the Empire is based cause phthisis, and that the Untouchables get the disease from the Mana Rig which is based on top of the caves. Retrieved from ” https: The Gathering content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of Wizards of gatherjng Coast its licensors.


Then Gix leads another large riot on the city, but this time Yawgmoth is prepared.

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This is the book that discusses the history of Yawgmoth and the origin of Phyrexia. If I have to give one criticism, it’s that things move a bit maagic quickly for my taste. Lists with This Book. Thran Forge 3 Artifact: Yawgmoth has his favorite war caravel rise high above the Thran Alliance and drops bombs at them. About half the population leaves, while the rest locks themselves in their houses. The Thran created powerful artifacts and crafted ornate designs into their creations. Standard Compact Checklist Visual Spoiler.

Feb 02, Brandon rated it it was amazing. It’s the most disturbing book in the series I’ve read. For the people, see Thran Empire.

The Thran – MTG Wiki

The hideous evil of Phyrexia was born. During the last night of the Thran-Phyrexian War, both sides are preparing for the mzgic battle, the Battle of Halcyon which will begin at dawn.

Backlash against “degrading” eugenic theories led to the exile of prominent eugenicists in AR. Of all the MtG writers I think J. Five years later, in AR, Glacianthe lead artificer of Halcyon, was wounded in a riot and contracted an unknown disease, incurable by traditional Thran medicine.


Thran Empire

Paperbackpages. She goes to the pedestal-room and does that, even though Yawgmoth pleads her not to from the other side of the portal.

Loved loved loved it! The Gathering plot to enjoy. Chronicling events that shape the story behind at least 20 other books that I know of, THE THRAN finally provides the back story on which nearly everything else is based on. Gix starts to send Untouchables, both healthy and sick, up to Halcyon.

Absolutely worth the read. The gathreing does, however, take away a lot of the mystery that had previously made the Thran and the rest of the MTG universe so intriguing.

They tell of the countless atrocities Yawgmoth has committed during his exile: I think this was supposed to seem like it was large in scope, but it was really simplistic. Still, I was like, god, Glacian won’t shut up, and Rebbec is too naive to be worth amgic damn, just cut their faces off, already. Most of them are straight garbage, but this is one of the few gems.