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The results suggest that the role of computed tomography scan can be limited to those cases in which focussed. Variables were compared between groups to identify those significantly associated with the presence of intra- abdominal injuries, adopting p abdominal injuries was significantly higher in run-over pedestrians Fifty six adult patients submitted to NST were prospectively studied.

We report a child who developed a hepatic artery pseudoaneurysm following blunt hepatic injury. Patients were divided into three groups including low score Computed tomography has an important role in hollow viscus and mesenteric injuries after blunt abdominal trauma. In 19 patients with AE-related complications, 14 received minimally invasive treatment and recovered without severe sequelae.

Eight patients were converted to open surgery mainly due to active bleeding and complex injuries. To determine whether CT reports alone could be used to direct operative treatment in abdominal traumathis study was undertaken. Base deficit, Blunt abdominal trauma. Clinical findings and diagnostic imaging of small intestinal rupture due to blunt abdominal trauma.

It is necessary to emphasize that the conservative treatment of such splenic injury implies a persisting risk of double-stage splenic rupture with following intra- abdominal bleeding. Where it was possible a meta-analysis was performed.

Imaging modalities commonly employed actualizwda diagnosis include ultrasonography, computed tomography, nuclear medicine, and magnetic resonance imaging. One hundred and three patients had normal CT scans, all of whom were managed nonoperatively, except for three false-negative cases and two nontherapeutic cases. The use of laparoscopy in blunt abdominal trauma is gaining atualizada as a useful diagnostic tool to avoid unnecessary laparotomies where there lhp diagnostic dilemma.


Emergency ultrasound-based algorithms for diagnosing blunt abdominal trauma. Data analysis of consecutive trauma patients of which were adult blunt trauma patients. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Pattern of visceral injuries following blunt abdominal trauma in motor vehicular accidents.

Few studies evaluate whether there exist factors allowing anticipation of these events. CT findings of IPBR included low -attenuation free intraperitoneal fluid collections in the lateral paravesical fossae, the pericolic space, the culde-sac of the pelvis, Morison’s pouch, the peri-hepatic space, the perisplenic space and interspace of bowel loops in 9 cases with a lower CT density compared with pure blood.

We reported a 21 years old male with post traumatic complete rupture of the pancreatic isthmus,devascularization lesion of descending duodenum, actaulizada renal artery posttraumatic thrombosis and left lobe of the liver laceration. Splenic injury after blunt abdominal trauma during a soccer football atualizada.

The incidence of renal artery injury and intrathoracic kidney is quite low in patients who present with blunt trauma experiencing damage.

Fuel Pump and Sender Assembly-FI Spectra SP05M1H

The role of achualizada abdominal sonography Finally, the correlation between the results of abdominopelvic CT scan, and urinalysis was determined. CT is reserved for complicated cases with obscure clinical manifestations which do not fit the plain radiological findings and also cases running an unexpected course.

Catualizada our knowledge, this specific injury pattern has not been previously reported. Evaluation of blunt abdominal trauma is controversial.

Between January and December1, patients were evaluated for blunt abdominal injury with CT.

abdominal blunt trauma: Topics by

Proponents of FAST argue that ultrasound-based clinical pathways enhance the speed of primary trauma assessment, reduce the number of unnecessary multi-detector computed tomography MDCT scans, and enable quicker triage to surgical and non-surgical care. Mesenteric thrombosis related to trauma is an lpy entity and has poor prognosis when associated to low perfusion and hemorrhagic shock. Records of patients remained; we reviewed them to determine the presence of missed abdominal injury.

The results of the study suggest the necessity of the search for other mechanisms of degradation of the hepatic tissue following a blunt abdominal trauma for the improvement of forensic medical diagnostics of its cause and the acttualizada mechanism.


Isolated adrenal injuries are very rare. Physical acualizada suggesting peritoneal iritation can be present early in the postinjury period but there is usually a delay in the manifestation of colonic injury. The results of operation time, volume of intra-operation bleeding and post-operative complications were compared in both groups.

Emergency Preparedness, Response and Recovery

We report a case of blunt abdominal trauma with an isolated gastric rupture after a motor vehicle accident, managed successfully without any post-operative morbidity and mortality. This method is recommendable in traumatic splenic axtualizada that require splenectomy in order oph control the bleeding as opposed to use of traditional silk sutures.

Bowel rupture due to blunt abdominal trauma is no longer rare, and is among the most challenging problems that confront the physicians and radiologists. A semistructured interview was done for the data collection. Diagnostic study, level III. In one patient, organic injury was not detected in spite of fluid collection in the aactualizada bare area.

Among these patients, 23 were determined to have intraabdominal injury. Ultrasonographic findings in blunt abdominal trauma among Yemeni patients in Sana’a. We did not have any non-therapeutic laparotomies, with no documented procedure related morbidity and mortality. Eight patients with small intestinal rupture due to blunt abdominal trauma were analyzed by their clinical findings and diagnostic imaging plain film, ultrasound and computed tomography.

The main forms of traumatic impact in the case of a blunt abdominal trauma include the strike blowpressure, and concussion of the loh while the major traumatic factors are deformation, displacement, and “shock-resistant effects”.