A few years ago I developed a process I call the Lefkoe Stimulus Process (LStP). It is specifically designed to eliminate the emotions that are. Lefkoe Institute. Steps of the LefkoeStimulus Process (LStimP). 1. What negative or unpleasant emotion do you want to eliminate? Client’s answer: (1)_____. 2. The Decision Maker® Stimulus and Sense Processes During this period we used the DM Belief Process on several occasions to assist clients to work on.

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To purchase DVD programs that we guarantee to eliminate eight of the most common daily problems people face, go to http: Why do so many things cause […]. Because many emotions are caused by beliefs, getting rid of the relevant beliefs can frequently eradicate negative emotions.

Call now to discuss addiction treatment lefoke No love, no care; no care, no survival. The best part is I’ve seen positive changes in my own life that come directly from his blogs. I could go on effusively about Morty’s magnificent blogs but I think I’ve already made my point.

How to stop emotional eating (and other compulsive behavior problems) for good

It was somewhat awkward using the DM Belief Process in this way, but it usually resulted in a noticeable improvement in a client’s emotional condition. When presented with food, the dogs salivated. More often than not, these early events involve your parents, the people whom your survival depends on. If you suspect you may be an alcoholic – or know that you are – there are several ways you can get help and begin your recovery.

Assume the original source of the fear was a father who always yelled, threatened, and terrified the client as a child.


How to stop emotional eating (and other compulsive behavior problems) for good

The original cause of the fear was the meaning you attributed to the way you were asked to do something the angerby someone whose survival you depended on your father. To a prosperous and joyous As a little girl she experienced being loved by her grandmother when she ate everything on her plate. So I urge you to start reading it, today!

Depending on the problem you are trying to get rid of and what you are trying to accomplish, some of these other processes might be required. View our Stimuluus of Contents. They write well about fascinating ideas and teachings. I never miss Morty’s weekly blogs. I could go on effusively about Morty’s magnificent blogs but I think I’ve already made my point.

When you do not experience your parents’ love as unconditional, you will feel at those moments when you do not experience their love: This was truly a positive life changing experience. Legal Statement Privacy Policy. Well, I appreciate your reply, Lekoe.

It stimukus them a place to enter the conversation and begin to glean a new understanding of themselves and others around them.

Getting rid of beliefs is not enough. However, abruptly stopping caff Permalink Gallery Are we robots? When presented with food, the dogs salivated. The threat almost always is interpreting early events to mean a threat to your survival.

The DM Stimulus Process works by helping you to realize that initially “being asked to do something” never produced fear. Then the problem is intensified by operant conditioning, where the behavior is conditioned to occur whenever there is a desire for the “reward.

The classic example of this situation was an experiment a physiologist named Pavlov conducted with dogs. Thank you so much.


***How Can I Use The Lefkoe Method? Part 1

It is simpler to use than the basic LBP and usually takes only five minutes to completely eliminate the stimuli for such emotions as fear, anxiety, anger and guilt. What appears to have happened is that we have a feeling today whenever we are confronted with anything in the present that we have associated with the real cause of the feeling in the past. When you make that distinction, the belief is transformed into merely one interpretation you gave a meaningless series of events, and the belief disappears.

Permalink Gallery How can you end negative feelings without the danger of suppressing them? I wish you every happiness and continued success.

Boy, was I wrong in my last eating blog post! You also have to use the Lefkoe Stimulus Process. As you point out, it is one thing to procsss something intellectually and another to actually feel it and fully believe it. What do you think you would feel the next time you were handed an ice cream cone, even if there was no menacing fist? What appears to have happened is anything that occurs repeatedly or even once if the incident is traumatic enough at the same time that something else is causing an emotion will itself get conditioned to produce the same lefjoe.

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