Inside Apple has ratings and reviews. Anne said: I read Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs before I read Inside Apple. Taken together, b. . Inside Apple: How America’s Most Admired–And Secretive–Company Really Works is a business and economics book on the systems, leadership patterns, strategies, and tactics adopted by Apple Inc.. The book was authored by Adam Lashinsky, who is the Senior Editor-at-Large for. In Inside Apple: How America’s Most Admired — and Secretive — Company Really Works, Adam Lashinsky, a senior editor at Fortune.

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Steve Jobs impacted more than just computer technology.

It is ironic that if anyone at Apple discloses info it is immediate termination, but yet there are some interesting accounts of private meetings and the details in this book. The Apple depicted in this book is unlike the picture often depicted of Silicon Valley companies like Google, where work seems like a party and employees are spoiled rotten. Apple employees do not move around much or get generalized experience.

But the Apple that emerges in Lashinsky’s book is a high-stress nose-to-the-grindstone, need-to-know culture where the focus is exclusively on a narrow range of activities associated with one’s current work assignment. He is extremely different from Jobs in almost every way.

On pg “Technology wonks like to gripe that Apple’s products look more beautiful than they are. View all 3 comments. This book was supposed to be a study of Apple from a business perspective, but it fails in almost every regard. The org chart is such that the CEO does not have to reach far down into the organization to get very good information.


‘Inside Apple’ Book by Adam Lashinsky Coming on January 25th

Jobs was a product person, and there is no indication that Cook is. But few might know that Apple employees were among those who waited anxiously to find out what their lashinskt company had planned. Also, why even try to compete with Microsoft? Why single out any computer manufacturer? Steve Jobs was the only one permitted to have a network of contacts. That whole section seemed wrong to me for a company that prides itself on ingenuity and new ideas.

The system is a well-oiled, proven one that gives Apple the ultimate level of control over its supply chain activity overseas.

Cast aside once your specific project is over. Feb 25, Surya Kumar rated it really liked it. This author seems to have the least access into apple.

Secrecy and insularity, internally and externally. Far from being empowered, its people operate within a narrow band of responsibility. What was your biggest surprise in writing this book?

Jan 24, Derek Choi rated it it was ok. On pg “Technology wonks like to gripe that Apple’s produ This book was supposed to be a study of Apple from a business perspective, pashinsky it fails in almost every regard. See the official corporate bios of these and others mentioned in the book here.

Now that he – Jobs – is gone, Apple will atrophy as current product line matures In reality the company has so much differences compared to any large organisations that I would agree that Apple is not for everyone.


He played around with some facts that I know for sure are wrong.

Inside Apple by Adam Lashinsky on Apple Books

applle It’s a debatable point, as these same critics typically will say that Apple’s less-than-perfect products are still better than anyone else’s. Sign up for the weekly Knowledge Wharton e-mail newsletter, offering business leaders cutting-edge research and ideas from Wharton faculty and other experts.

Feb 13, Ritij Kapoor rated it really liked it. Instead of trying to make everything or start a million new projects, they focus on what they do very well. Jul 30, Akshay Bakshi rated it really liked it Shelves: Haunted Empire Yukari Iwatani Kane. The snapshot of the completed puzzle is known only at the highest reaches of the organization. You won’t be disappointed. Jan 08, Sukriti Aggarwal rated it really liked it.

Now it would move in unison, fiefdoms would be banished, and employees would focus on whatever it was they did best–and nothing else.

Inside Apple – Wikipedia

It is definitely an OK book for an outsider. You have written Inside Appleas it were, from outside Apple. They typically acquire small companies for the people or for the intellectual property, not for the revenues. Feb 20, Andrew Long rated it really liked it.