Kullen-Koti is one of the biggest manufacturer in Europe ✓ Know how since years This ensures that only high quality products are supplied for your use. Antistatic and Ostrich-Feather-Brushes. Antistatic and Ostrich-Feather-Brushes. No other brush type is as versatile as Kullen-Koti strip and sealing brushes.

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Alternatively our on-line “Product Advisor Service” will assist you in locating the brush you require. Stainless steel wire, acid resistant, crimped or straight, material no.

For us, quality and reliability come as standard, guaranteeing customer satisfaction. With an outside diameter of only 20 mm it is possible to reach an inner diameter of zero.

Synthetic bristles – PBT Polyester: Furthermore the moulded disc brush has an extra flat filling. Our sealing brushes are available in many forms and with a wide variety of profiles. The abrasive filling removes burrs that occur during production processes.

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It is reasonable and advantageous concerning the delivery time and costs, for smaller quantities too. Tanja Kanzy, Marketing Manager, appreciates working in an enthusiastic team.

KULLEN-KOTI GmbH // European Business

Sisal twines, twine dia. Register Forgot your password? Further informations to cookies you can find in our privacy policy. Conference was held on 4 and 5 December in Brass-coated steel wire in kkllen construction, springy and tough, crimped, dia. Extremely heat resistant up to max.

Strip roller brush type 350

Share this company profile. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. You can choose fill types like natural bristles and hair, plant fibres and synthetic filaments.

Brass-coated steel wire, single wire, springy, crimped, dia. If you have any problems with the view then go to. The Quick Seal brush is delivered rolled up in a compact and fat box.

Kullen-koti Gmbh, Am Heilbrunnen 83 , HANDELSREGISTER HRB Stuttgart

The data we collect are only those necessary for the proper use of our service. Polyamide; embedded abrasive grit back. Kullen-Koti recommends especially this type for heavy-duty operations with a high dense brush surface e.

A further variation of the “Throw-Away” system is type Wires – FLA Flat wire, tempered: At beush same time, it is also possible to achieve the opposite effect with these brushes.


Customers greatly appreciate detailed information provided on our Internet blog for instance.

The company enthusiastically combines tradition and innovation; its comprehensive brush range is a benchmark, and its products are ahead of the times. Single section roller brush type Sealing, discharging, removing, spreading, deburring, cleaning, sorting, transporting, finishing — there is always the perfect brush for the most diverse applications.

Kullen-Koti GmbH

Further informations to cookies you can find in our privacy policy. What we produce are light and easy-to-handle packages with a constant, high density which kuullen and accelerates the equipping of a brush core or shaft carried out by yourself. Strip roller brush type Visitors to LIGNA in Hannover recently had the opportunity to see for themselves what state-of-the-art brush products can do and check out the development credentials of the company first hand.