King Dork will rock your world.” –John Green, New York Times bestselling author of The Fault in Our Stars When Tom Henderson. High school is the penalty for transgressions yet to be specified in the companion to the book of which John Green, author of The Fault in Our Stars, said. Told from the perspective of Tom, a “brainy, freaky, oddball kid who reads too much, [and is] so bright that his genius is sometimes mistaken for.

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To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. This is a coming-of-age story that will resonate with anyone who ever felt like a misfit in high school so, pretty much everyone.

But hey, I guess life’s like that sometimes; we don’t always get all the answers we want. Never, ever, ever again would I read this book. It is so funny. The other area of controversy is that Tom tends to shock! We’ve all been there. Oh, Tom, I’m not completely unsympathetic to your plight.

Those names are strange but most of the time funny. How old is your kid? Award-winning novel of life and death, for older teens. Kingdom of the Blazing Phoenix.

KING DORK by Frank Portman | Kirkus Reviews

I’m really curious about your dad – what kind of a guy was he? Is your relationship with this girl based on anything at all besides the physical aspect? Nov 18, Mary rated it it was ok Shelves: Cover of the hardcover edition, resembling a torn and pottman -in paperback edition of The Catcher in the Rye with the original title and author obscured by correction fluid.


You are going to need to learn to keep your pants zipped sometimes. They love him to pieces. The main guy is a kind of misfit kid superhero neamed Holden Caulfield. Views Read Edit View history.

King Dork Approximately

All the female characters seem alike moody, controlling King Dork was picked by a guy in my book club. With Tom’s honest observations at its core, King Dork is novel in that it honors the central nerd by refusing to attribute easy YA conventions to him; for example, in any other book, Tom would find an ally in Holden Caulfield, rather than rolling his eyes at the “Catc I had mixed feelings about King Dork.

Told from the perspective of Tom, a “brainy, freaky, oddball kid who reads too much, [and is] so bright franm his genius is sometimes mistaken for just being retarded,” this debut novel expresses a cynical view of high-school life and a teen’s passion for rock music.

Also by Frank Portman.


Open Preview See a Problem? Archived from the original on Parents need to know that King Dork is a funny, dark, coming-of-age book with mature content that makes it most appropriate for older teens.

Much hazing, and nasty boxing matches. Stay up to date on new reviews. A couple of possible murders or suicides. So, I guess what I’m saying is that the book is both funny, and rings plrtman. Speaking of girls, I was disappointed to see that some readers disliked or rated King Dork poorly because they felt it was “sexist” and “objectifying” of women, so much so I feel I have to address it.


You’ll be a shoo-in” He and his friend Sam Hellerman are always pretending to be in bands and coming up with crazy band names, album titles, and track lists but This is a hilarious book about a kid struggling franj the fringes of kng as a 9th grader. Yes, even when willing females are offering you the opportunity to unzip them. King Dork is kind of like a new, updated version of Alan Mendelsonnow complete with profanity, soft drugs, and girls, girls, girls!

King Dork (King Dork, book 1) by Frank Portman

However, the more I tried, the more I failed. Families can talk about coming-of-age stories. Basically if you want the book it comes with a free album and if you want the album it comes with a free book.

Adult Written by bookwormforever July 28, Hardcoverpages. Funny, gritty, and powerful novel of growing up on the rez.

I think you know that, deep down. That said, Porhman think each of these girls has the clear upper hand in their respective situations.

The only two real person there is the lead axe and the Bass player with a little bit of rat catching on the side anything else is made up.