Do you know who Ken Uston, Author of “Million dollar blackjack” is? Ken Uston consistently applied his knowledge and techniques to make millions at. Million Dollar Blackjack has 37 ratings and 0 reviews. Nearly every man or woman who enters a casino can win at blackjack. In the last decade more than t. All inquiries should be addressed to Gambling Times Incorporated, Stagg St., #, Van Nuys, CA Uston, Ken Million Dollar Blackjack. ISBN:~5.

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There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Right from the start we hear stories of big wins, big losses, being repeatedly barred, and even arrested. This is a very important lesson to learn since game selection is a crucial part of success for a card counter. The cause of death was listed as heart failure. In response, many casinos changed their systems, increasing the number of decks in games, or changing rules dllar increase the house edge.

The stories are sensationalized but the message is sincere: When you walk away from a table with chips in your pocket, the casino personnel may assume that every chip missing from the float was taken by you, ien if they know that you sometimes slip chips into your pockets during play. It also shows how the house edge changes for different rule sets.

The book has something for every level of player, from the recreational gambler to the comp hustler to the aspiring professional and many more. This month I recommend you visit my favorite casino — Click Here. Most of them display an amazing aptitude for mathematics. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

For all of his expertise at card counting, Uston did a very poor job of concealing the efforts of his team. Victor Vasquez ustom it did not like it Jul 02, But unlike Bringing Down the House or the movie 21, this book is a first-hand account written by the guy who lived it.


Million Dollar Blackjack

He also sneaks in a reference to shuffle tracking. This is what to expect from counting cards. The section describing the Griffin Agency is very outdated. The last few chapters are very informative but also fairly dense.

An excellent choice to play blackjack for real money and they offer a great blackjack bonus. Inthe year legal gambling began in Atlantic City, New JerseyUston moved to the area and formed a profitable blackjack team of his own discussed at length in a Blackjack Forum interview with team member Darryl Purpose.

His college experience landed him jobs in the telephone industry and as a highly-paid consultant for various firms. Chapter 20 This chapter covers comp hustling.

Again we are reminded of the importance of good game selection, but this time we are shown some ways of creating a good game. Here we are shown a comparison of some common card counting systems. Notoriously hailed the “blackjack bible,” Million Dollar Blackjack remains utson of the most pivotal and comprehensive guides on the game.

On weekends, beginning in his years at Cresap, he read Thorp ‘s Beat the Dealer and began to spend time in the casinos, becoming what the Cleveland Plain Dealer called “a genius card-counter”.

This chapter describes the playing conditions outside of the United States.

Million Dollar Blackjack by Ken Uston

This chapter focuses on games that use multiple decks, which are much more common these days. The rules can vary greatly from one event to blacckjack next so you need to read the rules very carefully to know whether there will be any element of skill involved and what the odds might be. Resorts International Hotel, Inc. There can be huge advantages in some cases, but other times it is purely a game of luck. Some professional players even focus on tournaments and casino promotions exclusively. As a player, however, his career never recovered from Uston being barred multiple times.


Trivia About Million Dollar Bl In this book, he covers nearly every aspect of casino blackjack from selecting the right game, to avoiding being barred, to the “illegal” side of blackjack, to cheating dealers and players.

Million Dollar Blackjack – Ken Uston – Google Books

We are shown a few ways to take advantage of casino freebies such as free rooms, meals, show tickets, and souvenirs. Breaking down the various rules, strategies, and counting methods, Uston discloses the tactics that made him a multi-million dollar winner.

Marc rated it it was amazing Dec 27, Just when your brain starts to overflow with charts and numbers, Ken gladly regales you with tales from his heyday. Million Dollar Blackjack is a great mixture of instruction and story. For that reason Ken treats this more doollar a description of games that they have found instead of a list of what the reader should expect to find in different countries. Brent rated it liked it Dec 26, Chapter 16 Here we learn about a few different methods of cheating, both by the dealer and the player.

Million Dollar Blackjack also explains the Uston Advance Point Count method, used by some of the world’s top blackjack milliom. It is worth checking it out, only takes a minute: