Kahi Loa is more than a massage technique. Translated it means – Oneness through the flowing of sacred energy. It concentrates on the skin with the recipient . You don’t want to miss this unique opportunity for the Crystal Coast area! Space is limited! Kahi Loa I Saturday noon-6pm and. Kahi Loa II Sunday 9am-6pm. Nov 9, Kahi Loa Ho’okhi (Mana Healing) represents a traditional form of healing that was used by the Hawaiian masters. Kahi Loa means “long glide,”.

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Kahi Loa means “Magic Hands”.

KAHI LOA massage with the 7 Elements

Limiting beliefs as to what a person could achieve were not only disempowering, but weakened the life force and might bring to life the very condition or state they did not want! These are often feelings that come from the gut rather kkahi from the mind. The remainder is released back into the blood stream for later low, a process that is best supported through drinking plenty of fluids. The intention is to relax the muscles, increase circulation, and break down adhesions.

Since then, I studied and researched the various aspects of this beautiful bodywork.

Kahi Loa Shamanic Therapy

Without them, they were convinced the existence and survival of all living things would be threatened if not impossible. Triggering the production and release of endorphins, the body’s own analgesic and “feel-good” chemicals, a state of inner calm and deep relaxation is achieved quickly. Kahi Loa massage is a little known, but very powerful ancient vibrational energy massage which was preserved by native Hawaiians, primarily from the Islands of Linai and Kauai.

The skin has a multitude of important functions and is, of course, the home of the Sense of Touch and Feeling — the earliest to develop in humans and animals, including birds. All the procedure allows you to quickly obtain a state of deep relaxation and peace. It was considered a sacred healing ceremony, requiring not only total concentration and dedication, but also unconditional love or acceptance and forgiveness.

On the final day of our gathering we were formally introduced to this ancient way of working and given the opportunity to practise on each other. He spent many years studying and experiencing bodywork and practicing yoga, qigong, breath-work, and meditation. Positive Health, Issue Touch is also a form of contact, an unspoken, almost forgotten language and most probably the oldest form of communication known.


The Wisdom of Paradise in Motion. Through contact with those elements, we harmonize the energy, recharge and purify ourselves.

At the beginning of treatment, the therapist will say a blessing and the client may be asked to set their intention for the healing they would like to receive.

This ensured that their own life force, which they called “The Water of Life” kept flowing freely without the flow becoming blocked or seeping away. In contrast, tactile stimulation applied by a battery-operated brush did not produce significant effects.

The Master Healers had a deep understanding of the workings or laws of Nature and attributed specific functions and symbolic meanings to each of the elements. What to Expect During Treatment Kahi Loha massage is performed to the sound of Hawaiian music while the recipient is fully clothed, without the use of oil.

Kahi Loa is very well suited for work with babies, those who are recovering from injuries and elders who often are quite fragile and for whom a traditional massage and hands-on treatment is not comfortable. What is Kahi Loha Massage? I was barely aware of those gentle hands encircling my whole being, which soaked up each massage stroke like a sponge.

To-date, various studies into the effects of massage, touching and stroking have been carried out in the UK and the United States to assess their benefits. However, depending on their particular lineage or training, some practitioners still retain some of the ritual.

The treatment is completed with a prayer, asking for all energy to flow freely into the blessing and manifestation of the client’s required changes and followed by an appropriate period of rest. They had kwhi and made use of the healing qualities of plants, herbs, flowers and fruit, but even stones and shells were employed when appropriate.

Throughout the massage, the focus shifts from head to neck and then, consecutively, to hands, back, buttocks and legs. Today, the essence of the practice lahi the same, though it has kahhi lost the ceremonial aspects.

Susan also introduced her to Kahi Loa — a traditional Hawai’ian healing art, which was widely used by the master healers.

Something inside told me not to ignore this calling, so in May of that year I visited the beautiful island of Kaua’i and instantly felt as if I had come home. Passed down by oral tradition through many generations, this practice was part of a sacred healing ceremony and was firmly established in family life.


The invocation of the power of mana, breathing techniques, visualization, chanting, and prayers asking for the free flow of energy through the recipient are blended with a variety of long, flowing massage strokes. Then he reflects this in his movements and the way of performing the shamanic ritual. Blending the metaphysical with the scientific approach, Kahi Loa is much more than just a massage technique — incorporating the belief that using the Mind and Nature harmonises and heals makes it a totally unique approach to well being.

As a result, despite its simplicity, allows you to effectively restore peace and harmony. It was unlike anything else I had come across before and aroused my curiosity; I wanted to know more about it and was told that what I had experienced was a traditional Hawai’ian healing massage called Kahi Loa.

The imagination of the receiver is being engaged, too.

Kahi Loa – Every day wellness in Christchurch – Kahi Loa

Because massage therapy accelerates the various mechanisms, including removing the toxins from the body, it is highly recommended to drink a lot of water for at least 24 hours after each treatment, just to ease and support these all processes. Acupressure point work and Hot Stone Massage may also be used. Thoughts of the receiver should follow the movements of the therapist.

The kaahi known is Serge Kahili King?

This passion, combined with seeing numerous friends struggle with health problems, eventually drove Smith to reach out and help others through the writing of this book.

Case Studies One client F, 33 used to wake at 3. Since access to the body surface is important, Lomi Lomi is usually performed in a warm kagi on a unclothed client los is draped with a cloth or sheet. It is a system preferred by the Hawaiian Kupua healerbecause of its simplicity and ease of application.