Among them the most prominent is this book of Imam Bukhari, “Juz Rata Yadain”. It is my (i.e: Shaikh Zubair) fortunity that I found the best nuskha of Juz Rafa. Written By: Imam Abu Abdullah Muhammad Bin Ismail Al-Bukhari R.A. Juzz Rafa Ul Yadain (جزرفع الیدین) Language Urdu. Written. Juz al Qiraat Wa Juz al Rafa ul Yadain Urdu pdf Free Book Download Juz al Qiraat Wa Juz al Rafa ul Yadain Authored By Imam Bukhari r.a.

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Whenever Rasulullah sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam said the Takbeer for prayer Salaahhe used to raise his hands, and when He was about to bow, and when standing up after rukoo’, and when standing up after two units RakahsHe did the same Rafa’ Yadain.

May Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him. According to the People of Knowledge, it is not proven from any of the companions of the prophet Peace be upon him that they left Rafa’ Yadain. The decision of all the scholars about him is that: Search Here Our Articles Search.

Juzz Rafa Ul Yadain (جزرفع الیدین)

Hadith 44 Moosa bin Isma’eel narrated to us, Hammah bin Salamah Narrated to us, from Ayyub, from Naafi’, from Ibn Umar, Verily the messenger of Allah peace be upon him used to raise his hands when he used to say the Takbeer Allah-u-Akbarand when he used to bow, and when he used raise up from bowing he used to do the same. This narration is rigorously authentic. Sahih Bukhari English ,Volume 01, Raza Hassan jlS aj! The Isnad of this Hadith is Hasan.

May Allah have mercy on them ie: Raza Hassan two units of prayerHe peace be upon him used to do the same rata’ yadain.


Full text of “Juzz Ul Rafa Al Yadeen By Imam Bukhari”

Urd bin Abdullah informed us, Verily Abdullah bin Umar said: The Narrators of this Nuskha Version A specialty of this Nuskha is that, from the copyist to Imam Bukhari, the whole chain is written in the beginning. Raza Hassan like “Qallid al-Qard al-lnsaan” like: Raza Hassan Note 1: I found Abu Humaid As- Saa’idi among the ten companions of the prophet peace be upon him.

Raza Hassan as mentioned bukhsrithen all of them companions said: You have performed the Salaah of rasulullah sallallahu alaihi wasallam rightly. He is the author of some great and beneficial books like: Raza Hassan It is Sahih.

Aur shahaadat ki ungli se ishaara karte the. This text, which is taken from the ancient Zaahiriya Nuskha of Juz Rafa Yadain is the most authentic.

Ghailan yadian Anas is a Majhul ul-Haal narrator. I have seen in the book of Aasim bin Kulaib from Abdullah bin Idrees. Daayaan haath daayein raan par aur baayaan haath baayein raan par rakhte.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Doing Tatbeeq in the Marfoo’ Ahadeeth yadqin the narrations of Sahaba is correct. Some liars of the contemporary era has declared him Shi’aa, which is absolutely not true. I saw Naafi’ bin Jubair, he did rafa yadain with every takbeer of Janazah. Rasulullah sallallahu alaihi wasallam used to raise his hands in ruku’ The Isnad of this narration, due to the tadlees of Humaid at-Taweel, is Da’eef.

Give Hidaya guidance to Doos a Tribeand bring them to Islam. Noorul ‘Ainain Pg 83, jjuz Note 1: I saw Al-Qaasim, Tawoos, Makhool, Abdullah bin Dinar, Saalim, and Naafi, whenever they used to start the prayer, they used to raise their hands, and they also used to do it with ruku’ meaning before ruku’ and with Sujud meaning before sujud.

And Abdullah bin al-Mubarak said: Hadith 85 Muhammad bin Bashaar narrated to us, from Yahya bin Sa’eed, from Humaid, from Anas that, He used to raise his hands during the ruku’.

And Similarly, when Bilal said: What do you say about doing rata yadain with every Takbeer when one is standing in the prayer? It is narrated from many such scholars who are called Shafi’is that: Raza Hassan pleased with him raised his hands in he beginning of the prayer, then He did not do it. This Matn was not found with the full sanad from Wakee’.


Juz Rafa ul Yadain by Imam Bukhari – Library of Urdu Books

And Zaidah bin Qudamah mentioned and said: Some people in prayer used to say salam to others while pointing their handsso Nabi sallallahu alaihi wasallam forbade them to raise their hands in Tashahhud. And this is not a kind of iuz, in which one narrator would oppose the other openlybecause this is an addition to the action. Kyunki aap inn mein sirf Surah Fatiha parha karte the.

Abul-Nu’man Muhammad bin Fadal ‘Arim had his memory deteriorated at the last part of his age, but he didn’t bujhari anything at the last part of his age. Allah granted me pardon for my migration to the Apostle may peace be upon him: I saw Al-Hasan, Mujahid, Ataa, Tawoos, Qais bin Sa’d, and Al-Hasan bin Yxdain, they all used to raise their hands, whenever they intended to do ruku’, and yadai they intended to do sujud. Therefore, the “An-ana” of Humaid at-Taweel here, is not harmful.

Don’t you know that Ibn Umar used to hit those people with stones who did not use to do rafa yadain? In Muwatta Imam Malik narrated by Ibn al-Qaasim, and Muhammad al-Shaibanithis hadith is present with almost the same words and meaning.

Thus, when He said Takbeer, he raised his hands, and when He intended to bow, He raised his hands. JaI 3V kft “: