Wolfblade Wolfblade is the first book in the Hythrun Chronicles Marla Wolfblade, princess of Hythria, is determined to restore her family to its former power and. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. The first book of Fallon’s new trilogy showcases the Wolfblade: Wolfblade trilogy Book One by [Fallon, Jennifer]. Wolfblade (The Hythrun Chronicles: Wolfblade Trilogy, Book 1) [Jennifer Fallon] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Marla Wolfblade of.

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Wolfblade Trilogy, Book 2 Treason Keep: Add your preferred email address and password to your account. Dec 17, Lola-Marie Nevermore rated it it was amazing.

It’s usually an offense I immediately drop a book over, but in this case, since it wasn’t explicit and only mentioned vaguely in passing, I let it slide.

Followed by – Warrior – Warlord Links Edit to read an extract [1]. The plot of a young member of a ruling house have to learn deadly state craft in order to survive runs strongly through both series. Damin is wolfbade heir to the throne of Hythria by his uncle, the dissolute High Prince.

It takes place in a typical fantasy setting, namely a vaguely medieval setting with royalty, sorcerers and a recognizable caste system. Fortunately the element is really minor in the story, but even if it was used once, it would completely throw away any chances of realism.

Wolfblade (Hythrun Chronicles: Wolfblade, #1) by Jennifer Fallon

Still, the elements are there and that left me wondering whether the author is simply that way and cannot resist putting these elements in, or whether it’s a well-thought marketing move to draw in the audience of harlequin novels. For this reader, at least, it completely destroys suspension of disbelief.

There are a few plot surprises, plus some great moments of understated humor to keep the story moving along. One more thing I could mention is the way the gods are portrayed in this world, it also breaks the immersion, because it doesn’t make very much sense.


Hythrun Chronicles: Wolfblade Series

Medalon is a country ringed by hostile, heathen nations and beset by internal politics filled with blackmail, backbiting and single-minded power-mongering—at least that’s how it seems to R’shiel Tenragen, the wayward year-old In the fallo three Tide Lords novels, protagonist Arkady Desean has sold herself into a loveless marriage in an attempt to save her father, fallen in love with the immortal prince Cayal only to find out that he’s shallow and selfish, been sold And I think that anyone who liked that one would like this one too.

He believes that making sure she learns political craft is the answer to both their continued survival. The plot takes place over several years, allowing for growth and change of the characters and for patient plotters to see their seeds grow into fruition.

Most of the action of this fantasy novel is political, supported by threats of battle, occasional sword fights and assassinations. From the moment I read the first sentence of chapter one, I was captivated. New York Rights Fair.

I didn’t want to do anything else while reading this book, and I pulled out my Kindle every spare moment I had on the train, during lunch, on the elevator. This book reads like a cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day; Sweet, homey, comforting, entirely wonderful, and easy to enjoy. Marla has taught her large brood the cutthroat tactics it takes to keep and wield Yeah, she does some pretty ruthless things by the end of the book, but it’s all done out of a need to protect her child.

jennifer-fallon | Hythrun Chronicles

Maybe he becomes more important later on but for the 1st novel he was barely of any use. Dolfblade Wolfblade of Hythria is determined to restore her family’s great name, but conspirators surround her: It is familiar, yummy, satisfying without being too heavy, and yet too much of it may not be very good for you.


Jan 03, Sabrina rated it it was amazing. Elezaar the Dwarf is a small man with big secrets — but that doesn’t matter to Marla Marla Wolfblade of Hythria is determined to restore her family’s great name, but conspirators surround her: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

This review first appeared in The Specusphere in May Jennifer Fallon is one of the brightest stars in the constellation of Australasian fantasy writers. If you have questions or need assistance setting up your account please email pw pubservice. Political fantasy, where there is no earth-shattering threat involved, can be boring, but Fallon avoids that trap as well.

In fact, I only saw her using her “knowledge” twice and for both times she just seemed to know what to do despite having no prior experience.

Writers of their calibre can hold their heads up in any assemblage. It’s a very strange trope to use so deliberately. Dit boek was erg goed, vooral de intriges waren erg interessant.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. This includes Wrayan Lightfingerself-proclaimed as the greatest thief in Hythria, also inheritor of the magical powers of the mysterious, pacifist and believed disappeared race of the Harshini. This second trilogy is a prequel about Marla and her son Damin Wolfblade, comrade of The Demon Child in the first 3 books.

The main protagonist, Marla Wolfblade, is quite a nitwit in the beginning, but she is gifted with a calculating slave who wants to survive at all costs.