GitHub clone of SVN repo / (cloned by ). This repo is not updated anymore. Please. Contribute to PatientOrderSets/ICEfacesEnhancements development by /src/com/icesoft/faces/component/outputresource/ There was a report of a bug on the IceFaces page where it says that using multiple outputResource tags had a strange behavior. See this link.

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Space-separated list of CSS style class es to be applied when this element is rendered. Hi I am facing some problem while setting up an environment.

If the label is not specified the file name will be used. It will be useful if you could add a tutorial on how to extend JSF components I have a quick request: Sign up using Email and Password. I am trying to remove icefaces completely out of my projects and use myfaces instead, can you give me an equivalent implementation of ice: Many thanks for your feedback in advance for this. This value must be unique within the closest parent component that iccefaces a naming container.

I encounter a problem when downloading resources using the ice: The base name for all style classes. Sign up using Facebook. These are just my experiences based on my requirements.

outputResource « IceFaces « JSF Q&A

I see in the forum, this is a bug, but I don’t known how it’s works. I am using following code for the purpose.

I have my outputResource working correctly, but when I use a list of files I can’t see how can I get which element has been selected. If user is in given role, this component will be rendered normally. Any class that implements the com.

outputResource « IceFaces « JSF Q&A

We get into the onclick but the listener code is never entered. I only found examples of upload only with jsf or only with hibernatenot integrated.


If not, nothing is rendered and the body of this tag will be skipped. Iefaces work around and we want to automate this process. Hi, Please consider me as your new fan. The outputResource does not render on my jsp!

By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service icecaces, privacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Hi, I’m builging a table as: The user is then given the opportunity to download this converted file via a Hi Mkyong, I am new in jsf 2 using primefaces libraries.

The label will be used for the text of the link or button. Hi there, I think perhaps I’m not currently using this component apropiately. I dont know how to configure Pom.

I am an active user of PrimeFaces and participate in the forums, there, almost daily. But as I have a log on the method getInformeAnualCsv from the ‘informes’ backing bean I can see that the method is invoked also on each The mime-type for the resource.

For me, it does not work correctly. Sometimes it happens just with csv files and sometimes even with txt. There was a report of a bug on the IceFaces page where it says that using multiple outputResource tags had a strange behavior.

Can you give an example where we dont use JSF managed bean and we use spring bean.

Email Required, but never shown. But the page throws a null pointer exception saying that EL expression for the mime I found that the text boxes are not editable and the commandButton does not appear however it works very el on Glassh Fish 4. If not specified, and available from the backing Resource, the Resource’s mime-type will be used.


But when I am running it the primefaces is not working. First let me say that I icefacds not trying to be anything other then constructive. Can you explain with an example. Hoping to hear back from icefxces who have insight into this issue. These resources outpitresource be rendered as links that trigger the browser to open the resource as an attachment, or open directly from the current page.

Open method to outputResource is called only once!!

jsf – Icefaces tree + outputResource – Stack Overflow

If it all sounds too complicated then you can simply assume that both are same. Hello, I have a quick question about icefaces tag outputResource. The tree structure is something like Root -infoFiles -A. Therefore, if the developer has to dynamically set any properties on the outputResource component, and have those properties applied dynamically to individual users, then the ‘shared’ attribute should be set to false.

Hi, I’m currently trying to implement a customer’s requirement to show the download location on a web page after a file has been downloaded using the ice: Thank you for your excellent JSF tutorials! Could you help me with that? Hello All, I got a problem ouyputresource trying to run the sample code provided. Here is the concerned part of the jsp: