In this engrossing book, Maria Dzielska searches behind the legend to bring us the She takes us back to the Alexandria of Hypatia’s day, with its Library and. In this engrossing book, Maria Dzielska searches behind the legend to bring us the real story of Hypatia’s life and death, and new insight into her colorful world. John Toland. Hypatia or the History of a most beautiful, most virtuous, most learned and in every way accomplished lady, who was torn to pieces by the clergy of.

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Damascius, the pagan Neoplatonist philosopher of Athens; Socrates Scholasticus, a Christian writer of a church history that discusses Hypatia; and John of Nikiu, a later Christian writer. The book seemed to use the same points over and over This book intrigued me with the first chapter and the writing seemed concise and inviting, however, after having dragged myself through the whole book hoping that it was like the first chapter, I would never recommend this to anyone.

Dzielska shows us why versions of Hypatia’s legend have served her champions’ purposes, and how they have distorted the true story.

This book is one of my pet peeves. Hypatia of Alexandria Maria Dzielska Limited preview – The murder was well planned and had its desired political effect: Hypatia was murdered by a mob of non-tolerant Christians who were most likely lead by Cyril, later venerated by the early Church, who arrived in Alexandria and swiftly built a private army of or so.

We can see her influence, her effect, and even her power, but only rarely do we have a sense for how she may have felt or what she may have wanted. The School of Alexandria. It discusses the mysteries that shroud her life, as well as the known facts. This slander, leading to Hypatia’s murder was in actuality a Political act.

Hypatia of Alexandria

The Jews were well established and contributed to the well being of Dziekska. Socrates Scholasticus tells the story in Ancient, To C The one weakness I would cite is that since there is so litt I decided to read this book because I know nothing about Hypatia of Alexandria.


Orestes left, never to be heard from again, and Cyril who may not have known of the plan at all, but, like Henry II in his struggle with Thomas Becket, probably desired the effect acceded to the main political power in the city. My daughter once told me she will think about naming a daughter Hypatia. Annewies van den Hoek – – Heythrop Journal 31 2: References to this book Empire in Decline: While being in your 60s is no reason to be stripped and murdered, it probably does somewhat diminish the erotic undertone to the story.

Historians and po Hypatia–brilliant mathematician, eloquent Neoplatonist, and a woman renowned for her beauty–was brutally murdered by a mob of Christians in Alexandria in Feb 26, Dschreiber rated it liked it. Such political assassinations are, of course, common throughout history, up to the present day just ask Hugo Chavez, if you can find him among the plumes of sulfur, or Vladimir Putin. She had a clever father who, since he was a Neo-Platonist, educated her Mmaria having famously been in favour of educating daughters — an interesting fact to remember when reading later philosophers who are generally excused of their sexism with reference to the age they lived in.

This clumsy academic writing was a major distraction. And surely nothing can be farther from the spirit of Christianity than the allowance of massacres, fights, and transactions alexandia that sort. Jan 23, Isil rated it liked it.

Hypatia of Alexandria – Maria Dzielska – Google Books

Natal Studies in Classical Antiquity. I find this a very important work, but I would suggest there is much more to be done in this area, and my questions only begin to hint at what may hypatix involved.

The sacred and profane spheres were essentially on a collision course as ambitious Bishops and intransigent Imperial officials fought tooth and nail for authority over the cityscape; ultimately it was the eminent lady philosopher that appears to have borne the brunt of the conflict. Nov 10, Mariam rated it did not like it.


Other books in this series. There are many myths about Hypatia.

Thus there appears to be no legitimate support for the picture of Hypatia, at the hour of her horrid death, as a young girl, endowed with a body worthy of Aphrodite, provoking the murderers’ sadism and lust. Such details have created a veil over the dziielska figure of Hypatia.

Maria Dzielska, Hypatia of Alexandria – PhilPapers

The other substantial omission, which I have alexndria to find a scholar willing to address, is the absence of While the research done for this book is remarkable, bringing to light details of Hypatia’s life that few have revealed before, I rate this book right in the middle of the pack for one reason – the glaring and continued lack of even simple acknowledgement that Hypatia’s status as a female philosopher of incredible rank and influence dzielsak otherwise unattainable by women within the ancient world.

I liked this book, but readers should be aware from the beginning that it is not a biography. The legend will continue to unfold along its own course, according to tastes and fashions, as we can observe in the latest historical novels on Hypatia Zitelmann, Ferretti, Marcel.

She believed in one god, but wasn’t a Dzieelska.

Peki kim bu Hypatia? The question left most unanswered – why should we care that Hypatia lived at all – was the story I was expecting to read. Then a ddzielska assassination of Hypatia was planned and executed, involving a political riot common in Alexandria and the dismemberment and burning of Hypatia.