Your Hewlett-Packard (HP) scanner can not only scan photos, business cards, letters and other documents, the device is capable of scanning a document. Here are the simple steps for HP Photosmart scan to computer. If you want to Scan Multiple Documents, Use the Option Save and all. Print, scan, and share with your HP Printer anytime, anywhere! . There’s also no option to print multiple pages on one sheet to save paper or have a smaller.

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Worst Printer I’ve Ever Had. Companies can’t alter or remove reviews from ProductReview.

I use it mainly for normal printing, printing envelopes, scanning documents directly to computer or multiole and scanning photos. If you scan as a photo, it breaks everything into groups of ‘images’ which comes out as a few photos a scan per document. Never had a HP printer before and never will again. Description Print, phootsmart, and share with your HP Printer anytime, anywhere! Great wireless printer scanner. Sep Great addition to my home office. You think the paper is in as far as it can go but it still says it’s not loaded, so you push it in and then it says there’s a jam – it’s a fine line!!

It does phoosmart I want. Even using genuine inks it may work for a day then not the next.

My multiplle trustworthy HP photosmart C broke down after 7 years of service. Some of the reviews I read about this model were less than encouraging.


I had the HP now for a year and it was cheap to buy but as with most printers the cartridges blow a hole in your budget.

How to Scan your Documents Using HP PhotoSmart 5520 Printer

I can print straight from the ipad and then tto to email as well as use it as a photocopier. Puotosmart can link it to the wifi if need be and sometimes I print via email from tl phone. Geoff parrott asked on Mar 12, Whilst I’ve only bought cheap throwaway type printers in the past, they have all lasted long enough to justify their existence.

BUT this printer is great. I am using Ubuntu and got my setup done using the HP site. Dec rubbish the last HP printer i will purchase. When I bought this printer it worked well and I liked the duplex capability and wireless access. I loved the feature on my old Epsom that scanned 4 photos as 4 separate images – which this doesn’t. Purchased new ink, thinking it would be fine as I had to print out a document.

Family type printing – a few pages of word, the odd invitation, the odd work PDF is all I need. DiDiBu posted on Mar 05, What seems to happen is the printer seems pnotosmart go into some sort of suspended animation state and the app comes up with a tick by the printer and an estimate of the state of the cartridges. This printer broke within the first week. A new name—HP Smart—but still the same great app that you have come to love.


Google Keep – Notes and lists. I haven’t tested photosmat scan functions, or the supplies ordering, I strongly suspect I’d have more success doing that from my Mac.

‎HP Smart on the App Store

It’s been 2 months plus since I purchased this mistake. But if you want a quibble what is the point of signing into ePrint when you can’t use it from inside the app? I bought the HP to print and scan wirelessly from the ipad.

Fiona replied on Sep 14, Cleaned, realigned heads, off on etc but nothing works. Apr Why oh why won’t the black cartridge work! Regularly having problems trying to print black but can always print colours. Minor enhancements and bug fixes.

Write a review Ask a question. Now available in Greek, Czech, and Hungarian. Does the job but is noisy and seems to take forever to go through it’s setup process when turned on. It is just guessing.

Why do they do this? Sometimes a bit stubborn to accept the cheap ink cartridges but in the end all ok. Information Seller HP Inc. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

But as a print utility I don’t mulltiple error messages saying ‘File Type not supported’ when conducting basic tasks. OMG, if I could send it airmail out the window – I would!