HP BladeSystem solutions start with either a BladeSystem c or c . http :// This document covers the NEBS Level 3 certified HP BladeSystem c Enclosure. This document HP BladeSystem c-Class Interconnect QuickSpecs. HP W Platinum Efficiency Power Supply Opt. HP 6X W Platinum Efficiency FIO Power Supply. QuickSpecs. HP BladeSystem c Enclosure.

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HP BladeSystem c7000 Quickspecs

Essentials software products and components licensed by Insight Control Environment. Additional HP Data Center racks qucikspecs available than those listed below.

Management and network interconnects extend scalability beyond a single enclosure, allowing. Please refer to the above sections “Full. HP bladesyste functions without additional software and can. An Onboard Administrator management module is built in to the enclosure with the following functions:. See the “c-Class Power Supply” section below for the. Reports asset and inventory information for the devices in the enclosure.

Server Blade and Fan Population Guidelines. For detailed interconnect options consult the specific interconnect QuickSpecs:.

To print the manual completely, please, download it. If your server rack includes closing front and rear doors, you must have a. To install a full-height blade in any zone quicksepcs divider must be removed.

HP provides management solutions that are designed to simplify a server’s. For more information, see. Page 8 A variety of additional features are also provided including a condensed bill of materials, a cost of owner ship calculator, and a power report.


HP Care Pack services provide total care and support expertise with committed response designed to. BladeSystem Onboard Administrator is desired for a c enclosure. Half-height servers should be populated from top and bottom from left to right from the front of the enclosure.

Page 19 HP Power Modules” section above for the power modules. Personalized online support portal with access to information, tools and experts to support HP business. The Onboard Administrator will ensure that fans and. Some blade configurations require 10 Active Cool Fans. The three-phase power input modules B21 and Provides a flexible way to purchase HP best-in-class consultancy and technical services.

Select optional software bundle if nothing is selected system will ship with 16 Insight. For detailed interconnect options, consult the specific interconnect QuickSpecs:. Single sign-on capability for all devices in the enclosure. Core Infrastructure Core Infrastructure. Identify the partner server blade to be installed with the first expansion blade. The power module, power supply kits, power cables.

Ten Active Cool Fans are strongly recommended for maximum cooling. Support for software and initial setup is available for Mixing of power supplies is not supported, except during.

Device Bay 2 6. One year of 24×7 Software Technical Support and Updates are included with. Storage Controller Storage Controller. A minimum of 8 fans are required if at least one switch module is installed in interconnect bay 1, 3, 5, bladesyshem 7 and at least one.


For a complete listing of service offerings and information visit:. HP Data Center Racks.

Full-height and half-height server blade mixed configurations The c enclosure is divided into 4 zones by the vertical support metalwork. Reference the QuickSpecs listed above. If the configuration is modified at a later date, additional.

This card is installed in the mezzanine 3 connector in the server blade for bladesysrem lower.

QuickSpecs HP BladeSystem c Enclosure and Server Blades

This power module requires a minimum of 3 power supply option kits. The two blades always occupy a pair of slots as. Purchase of this SW entitles users to three years of additional.

To ensure only valid. This license B21 allows F7000 BL-c enclosure to be managed with. The Dsb Storage Blade delivers direct attached storage for c-Class Gen8 and greater server blades.

HP qualified rack options are covered by these services when installed within the same rack. Device Bay 2 6.

The clearance between the installed rack component and the side panels of the rack must be a. Number of Fans Number of Fans. Enclosures configured auickspecs a three-phase power input module require a.