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Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ : Tau Malachi :

I forgot to mention that yesterday here in Brazil was a hollyday”Corpus Christi”” Body of Christ”, a Catholic hollyday. It is also made clear if we listen closely to what exoteric religions have to say about the hope of the faithful in heaven and the rewards of heaven, and how, most often, the faithful in many religions conceive of heaven — again and again we hear descriptions of idealized earthly and egoistic pleasures in some luminous realm, as though the egoistic life will be rewarded and immortalized if only it believes in god and worships god according to whatever rules are laid down by that god.

In the generation of life and the play of lifecycles we see that a great multitude is generated, but that relatively few come to their fruition, completing their lifecycle. It is much the same as with the love and compassion that dawns with enlightenment or divine illumination — in love and compassion we cannot possibly desire to leave any spirit or soul in bondage, in sorrow and suffering, and in a similar way we cannot possibly desire the generation of further negativity.

To truly accept who we are, with all our idiossincracies ,our foibles, our character structuresour disabilities and habilitiesour “sins” and our “virtues” is the only way to change and transcend them. Would you like to tell us about a lower kalachi It is as though God, who is the Being of the Becoming, seeks self-knowledge through the act of creation. How to we know and understand the World-To-Come?

Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ: A Gnostic Christian Kabbalah by Tau Malachi

Just as many mistakenly assume that they know the Kabbalah from reading a book or two, likewise many assume that they are knowledgeable in the Or without being well-studied in the Scriptures.

The Nag Hammadi Scriptures: See all 36 reviews. In this we may know and understand the spiritual experience associated with Binah, the vision of sorrow, as a great virtue — it reveals the plight of sorrow and suffering, and its cause, and it gives the motivation to bring sorrow and suffering to an end, the motivation for enlightenment and liberation, our salvation.


In bnosis light we might contemplate the saying in the Beatitudes that corresponds with Hokmah: It is a vision of sorrow that holy servants of Ha-Shem should fall in this way, never having entered into the Promised Land after such a long wandering in the wilderness of the desert, but such is the plight of the law or karma apart from the teh of grace.

We never stop learning and growing! View shipping rates and policies Average Customer Review: Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. One could characterize Atzilut as the level of reality that does not yet exist, or a level of reality beyond the space-time-consciousness continuum in which past, present, and future exist as a simultaneous reality-one ever-present reality. Raven Rob rated it it was amazing Jul 13, That would be sheer chrisr utter ignorance, plain and simple.

Christt, however lofty a soul might be, short of a temporal direct emanation, appearing for only a brief time and then disappearing, in each incarnation the soul must labor to unfold its realization as though for the first time, and must do so amidst whatever circumstances, situations or events occur in that time and place, or in their lives.

Binah is traditionally associated with ShabbataiSaturn.

Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ: A Gnostic Christian Kabbalah

I liked the way she wrote about the 7 shemitot and how she relates that with the traditional 4 Olamot and the lelvels of the Soul. One is by way of a cosmic accident, like a collision with an asteroid of significant size, or other natural causes, such as the death of its star; the other is by way of the self-destruction of the human life-wave because of a failure to integrate the knowledge and power it accesses, and a failure to integrate its Shadow — hence, as the vnosis of an evolutionary crisis in the human life-wave that becomes externalized.

In a similar way, the light of the Infinite passes through the Olamot from Adam Cozmic to Asiyah, and thus, the supernal light is progressively veiled and gnosjs in intensity. It is an emanation of the divine fullness in the no-thingness, from which the whole malaxhi creation is brought forth.

Roscoe Brooks rated it it was amazing Sep 18, Read reviews that mention tau malachi christian kabbalah gnosis of the cosmic cosmic christ highly recommend sophian tradition great book recommend this book malachi in this book christianity and kabbalah bible gnosticism study mystical spiritual wisdom practices subject become follow.

A True lover and friend of Sophia! With this in mind, perhaps we might read and contemplate once again what is said in the Acts of John concerning this holy mystery and glean even greater portion of wisdom from it. This groundbreaking work is the first to present the Christian Gnosis of the Kabbalah in a practical and deeply esoteric way.


Here we may say that a more luminous dream is still the same phenomenon of ignorance so long as we remain asleep and dreaming, unaware of the reality of our experience as the radiant display of our mind, consciousness or soul, and until we fully awaken, and actualize and realize our greater potential.

It is in the Neshamah level that we realize our individualities. There is a great difference between manifestation at the level of Atzilut and at the level of Yetzirah, which is well reflected by the correspondence of pure awareness or undifferentiated mind to the former and speech to the latter. Maybe in the west we could speak of the “multiple intelligences”or the brain and its correlate consciousness or our psychological structures and so on.

At this level this linear perspective on time seems very inadequateactually. Of course, aside from the coming of the End-Of-Days for the world, or for the universe, however and whenever that might be, and whether or not we are incarnate at that time, in effect the End-Of-Days comes to us all — cjrist we die and depart this body, in our experience, the world passes into destruction.

John in the Book of Revelation also addresses this, for according to his prophecy, until the End-Of-Days Satan and his minions have a place in the heavens, but with the coming of the Woman of Light and her Holy Child, who is taken up in divine rapture, a war breaks out in the heavens between Archangel Michael and Satan, and their hosts, Satan and his minions being cast out of the heavens.

Although there are many modern truth-seekers who have read a book or two on the Kabbalah and mistakenly assumed they know the Kabbalah, the truth is that even a master of the Tradition, who has studied and practiced the Kabbalah all of his or her life and who actively embodies something of the enlightenment experience it represents, would not claim to know the Kabbalah. We see this with many great spiritual leaders who, in one way or another, went astray and lead chris followers with them down the wrong path, and who yet, very clearly, early on, embodied a higher consciousness malacyi illumination, and who obviously meant well.