Frank Furedi argues that the greater danger in our culture is the tendency to fear achievements that represent a more constructive side of humanity. We panic. Apr 4, testimony to the cultural significance of fear today. Many of us explore how fear works, and isolate the key elements of today’s culture of fear. Aug 6, Fear is on the increase and it’s corrosive of our humanity. In his book The Culture of Fear (), Furedi set out the paradox of modern life.

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Culture of Fear: Risk and the Morality of Low Expectation: Frank Furedi: Continuum

Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, ffank, and phone. Discussions about new technology, drugs, health or the environment invariably focus on worst-case scenarios. Businesses have systematically used concern with homeland security to win public subsidies and handouts.

Newspapers compete with one another in the promotion of different scare stories, whether it’s Frankenstein foods, the risks posed by the MMR vaccine, economy-flight syndrome, or asylum seekers. Today, however, public fears are rarely expressed in response to franm specific event.

My library Help Advanced Book Search. The Detroit Project, a frani started by liberal commentator Arianna Huffington and Americans for Fuel-Effiecient Cars, links its campaign against sports utility vehicles SUVs with the war on terrorism, arguing that Americans need to ‘free ourselves from the nations and terrorists holding us hostage through our addiction to oil’.

In this new book, Furedi seeks to explain two interrelated themes: The politics of fear transcends the political divide. We panic about genetically engineered food, about genetic research, about the health dangers of mobile phones.

Rather, they were frightened that what happened to a friend or a neighbour might also happen to them. Politicians cannot simply create fear from frahk air.

The proportion of British children taken to school by car quadrupled between andwhile the number of activities that children undertook on their own nearly halved.

We think every adult is a potential pedophile, and ultimately that’s a triumph of pedophilia over common sense. It was widely acclaimed as perceptive and prophetic.


Fear of communism underpinned Cold War ideology, with periodic outbursts of fear of crime, fear of immigrants, and fear of nuclear war.

For example, supporters of scientific innovation tend to be on the right. We actually enjoy an unprecedented level of personal safety. This is wrong not just because risk-taking is one of the most important expressions of our humanity, but because it makes children less capable of dealing with the unexpected. It has become detached from its material and physical source and experienced fhredi a secular version of a transcendental force. Or fears are expressed in the form of a complaint about an individual, such as ‘Bush really scares me’ or ‘he’s a scary president’.

The sum of our fears Michael Duffy Frank Furedi is one of the most interesting thinkers in the humanities today. Furedi says feminists in the s and early s were keen to portray women as empowered and strong. British politics is currently dominated by debates about the fear of terror, the fear of food, the fear of asylum seekers, the fear of anti-social behaviour, fears over children, fear about health, fear for the environment, fear for our pensions, fears over the future of Europe.

By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. In the post-Second World War era there was a continuous promotion of fear of the ‘other side’. When confronted with events like the destruction of the World Trade Center, fear for the future is inevitable. His sentiments are echoed by leaders of other interest groups and even by his opponents.

The nervousness induced by such major changes is fed by the increase in knowledge and an emotionally rapacious media, and the fact that our ability to assess risk is at least as woeful as cullture.

In fact, Kerry is a far more sophisticated practitioner of the politics of fear than his Republican opponents. Risk-taking and the Morality of Low Expectation No preview available – The statement ‘I am frightened’ is rarely focused on something specific, fureei tends to express a diffuse sense of powerlessness.


We are bombarded with reports of new concerns for our safety and that of our children, and urged to take greater precautions and seek more protection. In his book The Culture of FearFuredi set out the paradox of modern life that lies at the root of much of his writing: Our kids are far more healthy than in the past, but ffear worry about their upbringing endlessly, seeking advice from a bewildering range of experts.

Furedi says the rise of fear feag rendered the old political labels fairly useless. So basically it means I don’t have a pictorial memory of my child doing athletics and football, which to me is a symptom of the fact we’re all looking at the world from the point of view of the pedophile.

Furedi argues that one of fexr main drivers of the culture of fear is the unravelling of moral authority. It has a particular interest in the ways people deal – or fail to deal – with risk in daily life.

Frank Furedi | books

Furedi in the news. So now fear has become a perspective accepted throughout society.

Whatever field of sociology you are engaged in and regardless of your ideological leanings, you will find something thought-provoking to stimulate you in these pages. The narrative of fear has become so widely assimilated that it is now self-consciously expressed in a personalised and privatised way.

Culture of Fear

Both President George W Bush and his Democrat challenger John Kerry have been criticised – but the charge of fear-mongering is predominantly focused on Bush.

His intervention provoked a panic; people who hadn’t previously heard about the flu vaccine started queuing up to receive it. The video that accompanied the song showed a map of Britain with a target sign across it.