The Footprints of God is a thriller novel written by American author Greg Iles. It was published in hardcover in by Scribner, then in March by Pocket. The Footprints of God has ratings and reviews. Mike said: We were introduced to Greg Iles when we attended one of my partners weddings in Natch.. . Wildly unbelievable tale of a sentient computer that—what else?—seizes control of the Internet, the world’s military defense systems, and a.

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The Footprints of God

Views Read Edit View history. Then it turns into a mess of religion and philosophy that is probably meant to be deep but is just nonsensical. In general, I love his work. His hands were shaking from a confrontation with Godin.

Fielding spent a great deal of time thinking about this problem. This was the only Greg Iles book I’ve ever been disappointed in. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Inside was the usual pharmacopoeia of the M. Discover what to read next.

The Footprints of God by Greg Iles (1 star ratings)

Sharon Herbst rated it did not like it May 28, I didn’t like “Spandau Phoenix” either Mankind is footpriints held hostage by a machine that cannot be destroyed. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Never would be, in all likelihood. I keep seeing Andrew lying on the floor.


That “more” was what scared Fielding.

The Footprints of God — book review

What Readers Are Saying What do you think? Something scratched at my doorknob. Click here to learn more lles this month’s sponsor! It is apparently a rationalization of an inability to come to grips with a Christian upbringing, the visible evidence of death ending the existence of the conscious mind, forever, and the existence of an almost universal belief in some kind of “god” across the mass of mankind.

Then I pulled a black medical bag from my closet. When one of the project’s scientists dies, David Tennant, the ethical caretaker, discovers that he had been killed for his refusal to accept the project’s ultimate aim; a merger of the human fooptrints and the machine, in order to produce an unrivalled super computing machine. And he never did again.

illes Greg still lives in Natchez, Mississippi, with his wife and two children. No more Greg Iles for me. Through the thickening haze I fought to aim my gun at the door. Is there anything about this book that distinguishes it from other computers-are-taking-over tomes? I found this book a bit of a bore. But what are the rules?

But Trinity’s clock is ticking I did not like it all. He talked about how evolution moves from simplicity toward complexity, and how human intelligence is the highest known expression of evolution.


The characters were stereotypes.

I had decided to make this tape because I feared I might be killed before I could tell the president what I knew. Had he sent me something the day before he died?

I couldn’t even stand. The prowler was at the window again. Falling toward the floor, Fielding thought again of that elusive particle that had traveled faster than the speed of light, that had proved Einstein wrong by traversing space as though it did not exist.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The note was brief and handwritten. It may be time for you to contact your late brother’s friend again, though I wonder if even he can do anything at this point. I was way ahead of Fielding on calling my ilss brother’s friend.

I didn’t know it was science fiction when I picked it up. We were passing each other in the hallway when he pressed the watch and chain into my hand.