Eyebeam for windows • Read online or download PDF • CounterPath eyeBeam User Guide for Windows User Manual. CounterPath eyeBeam for Windows CounterPath Corporation Suite , Bentall One Centre Burrard Street Box 95 Vancouver BC V7X 1M3 Tel. eyeBeam User Guide Operations and Configuration Guide to eyeBeam CounterPath’s Full-Featured Video Softphone CounterPath Solutions, Inc. Floor 8 .

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Choose this option if you do not care which transport is used.

Audio codecs describe the format by which audio streams are compressed for transmission over networks. Make the appropriate choice: The request is handled in one of two ways: Softphone software must login to the network before making or receiving calls.

Syebeam will arrive on Line 1 by default, and are indicated by a flashing light on the line button. URL of an appropriate root folder on the remote server. Page 50 CounterPath eyeBeam 1. Or point us to the URL where the manual is located. You can open display and close hide this drawer at any time.

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Page 46 CounterPath eyeBeam 1. Exit any software manaul that use sound such as CD and media players. Page 21 CounterPath eyeBeam 1. Enter the address of the computer and click Ping. See page 22 Contacts. For example, in kpereira domain. With the click manuxl a button or the tap on the keyboard you can dial, answer, or choose how you want to personally manage your calls and availability.


Use the Windows Start menu or double-click the desktop icon. Once this maximum is reached, eyeBeam will wait this time for all subsequent attempts.

CounterPath eyeBeam 1.5 Manuals

Page 20 Incoming calls will be indicated in the call display as shown in Figure 5 to the right. The Quality of Service pane lets you request a specific transport service for audio, video and signaling traffic. Click the blue phone icon near the top of the IM eyeveam to call the person for a voice conversation.

Eyebeaj the icon to the Trash. When clicked off, you must specify the network connection. One or more pairs. Don’t see a manual you are looking for? If it does, then you can set up some voicemail features in eyeBeam.

When you click OK, the contact is added to the specified group or groups, with the specified primary contact method displayed in the list. Page manuall CounterPath eyeBeam 1. Run the setup executable file.


Choose the correct audio devices and mixers to use.

Set the logging level. Choose a video device, if applicable.

Page 9 CounterPath eyeBeam 1. You can import a ringtone a. Page 10 CounterPath eyeBeam 1. The value is often blank, or the same as the user name. This file will typically be called eyebeam-CounterPathWin[build number].

Click the CONF button once more to re-establish the conference. Page 64 CounterPath eyeBeam 1. Check this box if video appears upside-down.

You may decide to disable a codec even though your service provider supports it. Page 19 CounterPath eyeBeam 1. See below for details.

CounterPath eyeBeam : User Guide for Windows Owner manual

Place the conference on hold by clicking the CONF button. Enter the range of ports to use for your SIP account.

Page 42 CounterPath eyeBeam 1. The new contacts will be added to the existing contacts. For more information on availability, see page