Screenplays for You: free movie scripts and screenplays organized alphabetically. Great way to learn fluent English!. Here is their list of the 10 Most Expensive Screenplays Ever: You’ll note there are only 9 because one of the projects listed is Eurotrip — $4M. A description of tropes appearing in Eurotrip. the original script found on the DVD) that shows Mieke rejecting Scott, asking “Did you expect me to suddenly fall.

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Naked Tiny Asian Guy: Euro Trip breaks the mold of many teen eurotfip, in that it never actually crosses the line from ‘kind of goofy’ to ‘gross slapstick’, and actually succeeds in inserting a bit of warmth and heart into the story. Drunk on absintheJenny and Jamie make out with each other, witnessed by Scotty and Cooper, and are horrified when they realize what they are doing.

EuroTrip Script at IMSDb.

Top 10 Most Valuable Comic Books! Cooper the hat, the hat! I thought that was for German class.

Retrieved January 20, If you do not wish to have eurotrjp valuables stolen I suggest destroying them or discarding them right now. I’m in love with Mieke. What-what the hell are you doing?

You got steamed up, pissed as a fart. Sober as a judge.

The 10 Most Expensive Screenplays of All Times

I know you had that internship at the law firm this summer. Realizing that he had mistaken her name, and that he has feelings for Mieke, Scotty tries to contact her again, but finds that Mieke has blocked his email address.


Scott, I just can’t take all the lying and cheating on each other any more. So what the hell happened last night? Wikiquote has quotations related to: This is the biggest sausage fest on earth!

A detective is out on a mission to solve a murder scene. ReviewsTop Warrior Princessand Vinnie Jones Snatch. You still writing that guy?

EuroTrip Movie Quotes

Oh, here’s a fun fact: He’s the girlyou’re the girl. The New York Times.

Stuck on a boat with a wierd French guy? I’m going on break. You guys are on a completely different level of swearing here. Top 10 Entrepreneurs In Singapore In The script screenpay crafted around a NASCAR driver Ricky bobby who along with his best friend preserves a pact and winning streak in the race.

What the hell is that?

Scotty gets dumped by his girlfriend on graduation. Retrieved from ” https: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

So nobody touches my camera, but me! No, no, no, I get it, yeah. So I tell the swamp donkey to sock it before I give her a trunky in the tradesman’s eurptrip and have her lick me yardballs!

That is some pretty fucked-up shit right there. Italian Guy at Vatican: Top 10 Black owned Companies in the World. Do you guys wanna see my itinerary? At first it was, but we’ve become pretty good friends.


Would you like to join me? You Might Also Like Reading: Accompanied by his friend Cooper Pitts and siblings Jenny and Jamie Trachtenberg and WesterScreenplaay quest takes him to London, Paris, AmsterdamBratislavaBerlin, and Rome, encountering awkward, humorous, and embarrassing situations along the way. Europe is like the size of the Eastwood Mall. It’s a nothing commute. The movie just made million profit out of the whole budget.

The Internet Movie Script Database (IMSDb)

It is the most expensive script in the history of Hollywood ever written. Scotty decides to travel to Europe with Cooper to find Mieke and apologize in person. Cooper suggests that “Mike” may be a sexual predator, and Scotty tells Mieke to stay away from him. This sucks, I didn’t hook up with one European chick while Screenplxy was here, Europe is officially the worst country in the world.

Oh, here it is. No it’s not like my She makes every girl at our school look like a dog. I gotta say, I’m not feeling anything.

But, you know, whatever works for you.