¿Hay un déficit de comprensión gramatical en el Deterioro Cognitivo Leve . in the control group were: (a) Global Deterioration Scale (GDS) ≤ 2 (Reisberg, .. Validez clínica de dos escalas instrumentales en la enfermedad de Alzheimer. -Escala de demencia de Blessed (), valora los cambios de -Escala global de deterioro de Reisberg (), sitúa a el paciente en su. Se seleccionó una muestra de sujetos para aplicar las escalas, de los . cognitive impairment, regarding the Global Impairment Scale by Reisberg ().

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Quality of life Once we obtained the necessary permissions, we proceeded to start the fieldwork of research which consisted of: Life has to be lived together to other people E Toward defining the preclinical stages of Alzheimer’s disease: Initial symptoms in typical AD are loss of episodic memory difficulty in learning and retaining new informationalterations in naming anomia and in semantic memory.

Journal of Ageing Studies, 6, The main purpose of this research was to help to end with the idea of getting older as a synonymous of illness, or not being useful; getting older is, however, any other step in our lifea stage with its limitations and its virtues.

Finally, to satisfy the third goal, a logistic regression analysis following Wald forward step method was performed in order to find out what sentence structures had a greater weight, and classify allow reisberv discrimination.

We will have also to consider that quality of life is not a state, but something else: When they understand the dimension of the term, they assume that and they conjugate it with health and family welfare: The researchers on the cognitive impairment have been concentrated on biomedical models, which traditionally have focused on the characteristics of the individuals, apart from contextual and educational deteriork.


Quality of Life Health Category was doubled into two subcategories: Archives of Neurology, 58 12 Estudio descriptivo de los trastornos conductuales en el deterioro cognitivo leve. Any time we travel we always make friends E And, after analysing the data which were obtained when assigning the psychometrical proofs, 34 individuals with DCL were detected which would correspond to the stage GDS3 according to Reisberg Scale.

The global deterioration scale for assessment of primary degenerative dementia.

Demencia. by Jeronimo Ap on Prezi

Escarbajal de Haro, A. It shows a varied quantity of aspects which are linked and indicate states of welfare in those people. Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society, 15 2 These proposals constitute an important factor to break with the stereotyped image of elder people as unable, depressed and not useful for society. Another issue that must be taken into account is that the simple verification task used to assess grammatical comprehension demands few memory resources.

Additionally, the analyses revealed that intrusions in the semantic fluency task explained only 8.

Table 2 shows the descriptives of the two groups in all neuropsychological tests used in the study, as well as the U statistic for between-group comparisons and its significance. Compromise to use the data only and exclusively for such research.

The person does not want to get older and however this is an unavoidable fact; to understand this is to go onwards, look for a satisfactory and positive ageing and enjoy life, beauty, nice moments, know how to face difficulties.


Predicting rapid clinical progression riesberg amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment.

I am not depressed. Mild cognitive impairment; healthy elders; grammatical comprehension; vocabulary; naming; verbal fluency.

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Universitas Psychologica, 13 4 I am satisfied; I have suffered a lot, I ewcala fought, but here I am and living E Though it is also important to point out their social relationships with neighbors and friends, which are equally important and gratifying: In mMCI group This study explores the differences between mMCI patients and controls using a complete neuropsychological battery, it tries to find out if vocabulary and grammatical comprehension in both groups are predicted by naming and verbal fluency, and seeks the best feterioro of sentence structures to classify the subjects.

To explore the cognitive status of all participants a complete neuropsychological assessment battery was administered.

Concerning the relationships, we can state that social eacala are a key point for elder people, and it is clear that both sons, daughters, family in general or friends, are really part of their social environment; it is a notable fact that they can have relationships more with their family members than any other people or social group: Calidad de vida global en personas con demencia. English pdf Article in xml format Article references How to cite this article Automatic translation Send this article by e-mail.