Corporate Income Tax. PNI. Produced Nation Income. DTA. Double Taxation Agreement. SBV. State Bank of Vietnam. EPE. Export Processing Enterprise. SME. file extension Alphanumeric characters added to a filename to denote the filetype . Example, extension denotes a file is a Microsoft® Word file. file name/. As children at younger ages are being given access to digital devices and web tools, we as parents and teachers need to be prepared to show them how to use .

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In theory it should be quicker to fetch a file if it already exists on a proxy server, rather than having to reach out across the Internet to fetch it from the original source. Also, the name of the organisation co-ordinating open source Firefox browser, Thunderbird E-Mail client and more. A “signpost” for Internet traffic. VPN Virtual Personal Network – a method of interconnecting parts of a network nodes together using encrypted data to prevent outside interception, in effect as if the nodes were physically connected with a wire.

Often degraded by “noise” or outside interference. A way of privately copying someone else in with an E-mail.

PAP Password Authentication Protocol, a system for verifying the username and password of a user, when dialling up an Internet service. RFC Request For Comments, the means by which fildtype evolution of the Internet was documented fieltype its developers and techniques and protocols agreed. Hence the baud rate determines the overall modem speed.


MP3 A highly-compressed file format enabling music tracks to be readily published and transmitted over the Internet. Many online libraries sell fixed rate Royalty-free artwork or audio.

File Extension Seeker

Now often means modem-like hardware connecting a single computer or more via broadband to the Internet. We use this to log into customers’ PCs for troubleshooting etc. Z zip file A popular method for compressing a file or multiple files into a smaller,”zip” file. ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network, a digital system for transmitting data at higher rates than can be achieved over an analogue network.

Mozilla The name of the dinosaur mascot created by Netscape Communications Corp. Microsoft Internet Explorer The free web browser marketed by Microsoft. TelNet telnet A basic terminal-type application where a user logs in to a epf system, as if the user were directly connected to it. E-mail or a forum. Maximum of colours, almost all non-JPEG images on web pages are transmitted this way.

Basic phone line connection. Nominet The independent UK body responsible for maintaining flletype. Requires Adobe Reader to view. A file can convert into many thousands of lines of ASCII filety;e the process may be hidden from the user by software. Has a shorthand all of its own. N Nameserver Part of a domain’s configuration responsible for routing traffic to the relevant host.

Document Details | EPE Manual Revision

U upload To transfer files from a local system out onto a remote system. HTML Hypertext Mark-Up Language, the formatting commands applied to plain text, to convert it into material suitable for displaying in a web page.


Often seen in URLs of active web pages. Firewire a high speed protocol designed to connect some video or peripheral hardware. Our glossary of everyday Internet and computing terms and acronyms has been updated to offer basic explanations for many common expressions found on the Internet. J Java A powerful, complete programming language created by Sun Microsystems, which amongst fieltype uses enables dynamic web pages to be fietype through the use of Java “applets” or mini-programs, which are embedded in web pages and designed to be downloaded and run on virtually any type of fileyype system, even mobile phones.

Dreamweaver Professional web design software produced by Adobe. Flash “Future Splash Animator” — now Adobe technology for producing high-impact vector graphics and animation, for incorporation into web pages. Traceroute A utility for investigating the path between Internet addresses, e. Managed by Domain Name Server computer systems.

Example, a dial-up modem operating at 14, baud and ifletype 4 bits per baud transition would transmit 57, bits per second. This web site is entirely independent of EPE Magazine and its Publishers have no responsibility at all for any of the contents on this web site. SLD Second-level domain used in certain domain name structures, e.

The damage is done by sending it on to many users, unnecessarily. The details may be falsified.