Love in excess;: or the fatal enquiry, a novel. In three parts. by Haywood, Eliza Fowler, ? Publication date Publisher London: printed for D. The fiction of Eliza Haywood, Penelope Aubin and Elizabeth Singer Rowe has been seen to represent two very different ways of writing novels in the s: the . The Love in Excess Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, by Eliza Haywood The hero of Haywood’s novel, D’ elmont is painted in a white light of innocence and mind numbing ignorance.

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B, he starts off vile enough that you’re not likely to root for him to get with Melliora, who is not his wife and whom he nearly succeeds ih raping early on.

He isn’t particularly fussy until half way through, where he decides he should really stick with one woman Melliora after all, and despite all the temptations thrown in his path from then on read – women throwing themselves at his feetremains steadfastly faithful, until – SPOILER ALERT – they coincidentally meet in an inn in the middle of nowhere inn she has been kidnapped by the inn keeper and everybody lives happily ever after.

November Learn how and when to remove this template message. On the other hand, the author does depict female sexuality in a way that most other authors would have been afraid to by showing that women can also be taken over by an excess of “love” in this case, lust in the same way that men are.

Love in excess; : or the fatal enquiry, a novel. In three parts.

Oh, don’t forget though that he speared his wife dead at the beginning, not such a nice guy after all. No side stories, no decent friendships, no outward plot growth. It shows how very rudimentary the novel form was at the time; it commits just about every “error” that first novelists are now enjoined against, including pages-long paragraphs.


The characters are props for the core of this story–“love. Women are resourceful, though, and one of the main haywlod finds a way around this custom by sending anonymous letters hqywood her love interest, via one of her servants.

Number 17 of Books you must read before you die.

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He rejects others, one because she is too forceful and obvious in her passion for him and he finds it a turn off, and another who while loving him discreetly from afar is no competition for his ward. Love rxcess Excess — is Eliza Haywood ‘s best known novel. I was expecting a far more juicy tale to begin with, hearing as this was the most haywoood book ever to be published and how it was a best seller of the 50 Shades of Grey format back in it’s day.

Frankville is revealed to be the stranger whose life D’Elmont saved earlier on. When Part Three lve a whole new batch of characters to excessively love, you’re likely to feel a little bit fatigued.

The characters are cardboard, 18th century soap opera cliches. Jul 02, Olivia Morgan rated it liked it.

Love in Excess – Second Edition – Broadview Press

I did, however, find that it held my attention much better and was more enjoyable to read that most other 18th century novels that I’ve read. Want to Read saving…. Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention from November All Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention.

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This novel takes a lot of intense focus or at least it did for me because of the 18th century language and spelling. I disliked how D’Elmont as the hero was able to get away with his poor treatment eccess his first love and his wife and even his unsuccessful and downright devious attempts at seduction of his ward and still come out a triumphant in his love. Holly Luhning explains the publication history of Love in Excesswhich was one of the most successful popular novels in the eighteenth century, through the prefatory poems.

Not to mention the sexism that would make the most passive feminist squirm. All the same, I didn’t hate this story.

Today she is studied primarily as a novelist. While Violetta was engaged to Frankville, she inevitably falls in love with D’Elmont and seeks to reunite Frankville and Camilla. There really is no substance to this book other than to entertain a ‘s public that don’t have TV or clubs to go to in the evenings. Jan 27, lindy rated it liked it Shelves: So I just finished reading this book today.

Love in Excess; or, The Fatal Enquiry – Wikipedia

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Jan 26, Cheri rated it it was ok Shelves: About Eliza Fowler Haywood. It’s almost worth avoiding classes which prescribe it.

Love in Excess was widely read in the s but much of the British literati vehemently dismissed it as trash.