Published in issue , December Order from ElektorPCB, bare, April 16, PUBLISHED. in Elektor magazine | December | Find it here. If your OBD2-Analyser NG is equipped with the optional Bluetooth module published in the April issue of the Elektor magazine, you even. Elektor at the core is a cheerful conglo- brought to you by Circuit Cellar, Elektor April AUS$ – NZ$ – SAR £

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Faites parler vos alimentations

Check the updates for details and more features. Possible codes are 10, 11, 12, 21, 22, 78 value is interpreted as hex.

Schottky diode D9 prevents unallowable negative input levels on U7d when the circuit is not connected to a power source. If you wish, you can solder the leads to the back of the board when you fit the board in the enclosure later on.

De : Ton Giesberts – p 7 | Elektor Magazine

April 1,Latest update: The time delay between the signals from a pair of sensors is determined by a correlation algorithm in the signal processing software, which shifts the signal waveforms from the two supply line sensors relative to each other until they virtually overlap.

Simple recipes Farm tools and mechanisms For lovers of travel.

Despite your best efforts to economise on heating, they list tidy sums for electricity or gas consumption. TV Elektor Ethics Back to top. The number from the number memory will be used for subsequent commands that need a number as parameter. It executes the firmware in a separate thread and simulates all inputs key presses, timer interrupt, data from DXM module, data from optional Bluetooth module and outputs LCD, data to DXM module, data to optional Bluetooth module to make the firmware believe it would run on the AT90CAN During this process the temperature of the heating system supply line should remain constant and elrktor domestic water should be drawn from the taps.


The base for the firmware update is the original version 1.

To do that, type “1e1u” or “1e2u” while the HHEmu window is active. Then rotate the trimpot back in the other direction until the LED starts blinking or goes dark.

The area under the curve of the difference signal is a measure of the time offset of the temperature variations. If pairs of temperature sensors separated by a few metres are mounted on the supply and return lines, the flow velocity can be determined from the time offset of the variations measured by the two sensors.

Pololu – Free Elektor magazine April

Usually you can tell how much energy your heating system has consumed by checking your utilities bill, but what if you want to know abril much heat it actually delivered? After the sensors have been connected to the board, the initial temperature curves as yet uncalibrated should appear in the PC program.

The project main page just contains the old files for HHEmu V2. Service 0x07 helps you to see coming problems earlier. It is important to ensure that there are no active branches between sensors S and S2 on the supply line or between sensors R and R2 on the aavril line.


That is much more than you would see in a real vehicle. Both need additional shared libraries to run. Link to download the archive of Elektor Electronics magazine: That depends on the availability of some DXM commands that are undocumented in the official DXM documentation, but are used by the latest official firmware v1.

Never allow this circuit to come in direct contact with the AC power voltage. Other magazines on electronics, radio, computers and robotics can be downloaded from Free library here.

Free Elektor magazine April 2010

PC connection The circuit does not have its own display unit, but instead delivers its readings to a PC via an RS bus. Their resistance varies aveil around 0.

Car electric circuits Car. All free magazines that can be downloaded: In case of circuits connected to the AC powerline, the usual safety regulations must be observed. This increases the absolute measurement accuracy, since the full output signal amplitude is used.

It starts at the temperature sensors connected to the circuit board, which are NTC silicon devices. Since HHEmu version 2. The power P elektpr, which is amount of energy transferred per unit time, is:.

Then enter the Bluetooth agril.