Eigenantrag · Eigenkapitalersetzendes Darlehen · Eigenverwaltung · Einstellung Nachlassgericht · Neue Zeitschrift für das Recht der Insolvenz und Sanierung. Okt. und Durchführung von Verbraucher- und Regelinsolvenzen. Antrag Verbraucherinsolvenz, Antrag Regelinsolvenz, Antrag Privatinsolvenz. Die drohende Zahlungsunfähigkeit ist lediglich bei einem Eigenantrag Bei Regelinsolvenzverfahren („Unternehmensinsolvenzen”, „IN-Verfahren”) wird in der.

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The corrective measure for the creditors is the fact that this insolvency plan must not be any worse than liquidation. Nehmen Sie Kontakt auf.

The rule is quite simple: In each group, acceptance of the insolvency plan by the creditors requires: The insolvency administrator is required to submit an interim report on the further developments in the insolvency case at regular six-month intervals.

Reporting phase The insolvency court reviews the admissibility of the insolvency petition for insolvency protection proceedings as well. Die Eigenverwaltung ist ein Institut, das in der Vergangenheit praktisch nicht angewendet wurde.

Voting meeting The insolvency court shall docket a meeting to discuss the insolvency plan and the voting rights of the parties concerned and subsequently vote on the plan. With regard to the legal concept of Section 55 Paragraph 3 InsO, however, this mainly represents the fact that payments of insolvency benefits always constitute insolvency claims. During the settlement phase, the insolvency administrator implements the decisions of the creditors’ meeting, turns to account the available assets and revises the insolvency table.

Insolvenzverfahren – Verfahrenskosten – Stundung. Impressum Druckversion zum Seitenanfang. Is the information for this product incomplete, wrong or inappropriate?

Verfahrensinformationen Kanzlei Presse Karriere. Die Abstimmung erfolgt nach Gruppen. If enforcement has already been initiated against the debtor, the debtor may request that these enforcement measures be suspended. During the verification meeting, the insolvency monitor enters every registered claim into a schedule for the court.


Final record, reporting and final meeting The final meeting shall be dispensed with once the insolvency plan has been accepted.

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If these conditions are met, the court will order debtor-in-possession proceedings. Insolvency proceedings serve to eigsnantrag satisfy insolvency creditors. Self-administration is an institution that has rarely been applied in practice in the past.

The insolvency plan may be configured as a restructuring plan or a liquidation plan. Supplier out of stock. Imminent insolvency is only grounds for insolvency when a personal petition is filed.

IN is used for standard insolvency proceedings and IK for consumer insolvency proceedings. Der Sachwalter nimmt hierzu Stellung. Pursuant to the provisions of the ESUG, the debtor must generally include a schedule of creditors and their claims to their petition.

After the final meeting, the insolvency court authorises final distribution in accordance with the distribution schedule submitted unless any objections are raised against this. In addition, a final record is usually not submitted.

Once the plan has been accepted, the regulatory arrangements must be implemented by the debtor. If the company is entitled to execute obligations incumbent on the assets, deliveries and services may continue to be met prior to proceedings being opened and even after the date of opening. If in the event of early termination of insolvency protection proceedings see belowa provisional administrator will be appointed where there is no longer any concern of pre-financing for insolvency payments.

Overall, self-administration has been bolstered. However, this requires that this involves the same act of insolvency. Ihr zentraler Zugang zur Verwaltung Telefon: Please click the link in that email to activate your subscription. Insolvency petition Petitioners for insolvency protection proceedings may only be the debtor himself. A activation email has been sent to you. The insolvency proceedings shall be terminated once the insolvency plan has been accepted.

Diese Rechtsfrage wird in der unterinstanzlichen Rechtsprechung unterschiedlich beantwortet. The insolvency monitor shall comment on this.


KG ist das Insolvenzverfahren beendet. The insolvency administrator secures and turns to account the assets and uniformly distributes them — after deducting legal costs and obligations incumbent on the assets — to the insolvency creditors whose pending claims have been specified in insolvency schedule.

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Nevertheless, we make the insolvency schedule available to creditors in the protected area of our website. Once the insolvency petition has been received, the insolvency court reviews the admissibility of the insolvency petition.

These are claims eigenantrav creditors with well-founded claims against the debtor on the gegelinsolvenz on which the insolvency proceedings were opened, regardless of whether these claims are civil in their legal nature or represent claims under public law e. Involvement of the supervisory board and shareholders’ meeting For debtor-in-possession proceedings, the legal personality or supervisory organs have no influence Section a InsO.

Geschaeftsfelder – KANZLEI NICKERT

Auch wird normalerweise kein Schlussbericht eingereicht. There is generally significant time pressure involved in implementing insolvency protection proceedings. For insolvency proceedings regrlinsolvenz natural persons, this may be followed by a procedure to discharge their residual debt. While the debtor was required to prove that no disadvantages were associated with self-administration prior to the ESUG, this is now assumed in principle.

Strict differentiation is required for insolvency proceedings that have been initiated by petition from a public authority. Petitioners for insolvency protection proceedings may only be the debtor himself.

Schuldnerverzeichnis Widerspruch gegen die Eintragungsanordnung. Is this product missing categories? On the date on which insolvency proceedings are opened at the latest, the debtor company shall execute obligations incumbent on the assets.