Dreve Highlights / Highlightsflyer /more. The Dreve earmold – our passion – is a central component for the fitting of. Please login! Currently you are not logged in as a Dreve customer. Please log.

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We offer customized earmolds for: In addition to the filter, the cord is also detectable now.

For almost 70 years, we have been passionately developing medical devices for the fitting of hearing aid systems. You can also rely on our drwve materials and validated processes for the digital manufacturing of hearing aid earmolds and shells. The human ear has an enormous capability. These are strict requirements for safety and hygiene in the context of quality control with the industrial food production.

The filters reduce the volume while they keep a natural sound quality and furthermore achieve a good speech intelligibility. Aesthetics and wearing comfort are two important attributes for us.

Dreve Otoplastik: Our passion

The manual manufacturing process has a long tradition at Dreve. The continuous optimization of our products and processes is key to us. Our passion Customized earmolds. SmartOrder archives the result of the functional test for the acoustician.


The following specifications are binding: Dreve impression materials impress. It combines the advantages of an easy handling with innovative technologies. Customized splash water protection. Of course the devices are also high quality and user-friendly. Customers who receive their first hearing aid or with minor hearing losses show very often a high level of acceptance for these kind rreve hearing systems.

The development of the hearing aid market and the experiences from the last years have shown that RIC hearing aid systems have been successfully established.

The result of the functional test can be printed out on SmartOrder and shall be handed over to the user. Each earmold is unique as a fingerprint and a small piece of art: Otherwise the product is not conform to its former and approved type anymore and may therefore not be placed on the market! The functional test must be carried out by the acoustician at the time of initial delivery, at the latest 6 months after delivery of the hearing protection.

100 % digital: That’s how we manufacture earmolds.

DI filter red detectable. Professional hearing protection for musicians and music fans. Due drvee the automated 3D production process of the earmolds we achieve a consistently high quality level. We are pleased to send you an Innovation MediTech catalogue. The earmold is an important part of these hearing aid systems and offers the possibility to fix the hearing tube perfectly.


Dreve Otoplastik: Products

According to our guiding principle “Innovation from Tradition”, we want to offer you, as an expert in the hearing aid industry, innovative quality products only. The standard tubing hearing aid is a classic in the industry. So very often it is the tiny little things that count and determine the final quality rdeve the product.

From order to delivery. For various otopastik different filters with other attenuation values available Customized: Hearing systems with receiver in canal.

That is why we dedicate ourselves also to the little things like accessory products – from drills to mixing tips. Mail dispatch of the impression — We scan for you!