Jan 30, Dogra Magra (or, in its literal Romanization, Dogura Magura) was the most famed of many works by author Yumeno Kyūsaku (). Bless the people of France! They had traslated Kyusaku Yumenno’s masterpiece Dogra Magra (Japanese original title: Dogura magura)! If you had it in your. Ichiro Kure (Yoji Matsuda) emerges from a coma to find himself in a psychiatric hospital. One doctor tells Ichiro that he is hospitalized because he has murdered .

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He tells me that Prof. The Man Without a Map But it feels frustrating instead of tantalizing, as I observed in my original review of the film some ten years back.

A director and professor at Kyoto University of Art and Design, he only made four feature films, but given that his debut was the boundary- and narrative-shattering counter-cultural Oedipus Rex remix Funeral Procession of Roses, he was “no stranger to difficult jobs,” as Thomas Weisser put it in the entry for the film in his Japanese Cinema Encyclopedia guidebook. Ichiro is basically a metaphor for Japanese youth, or, more specifically, Japan itself.

Do I like Dogra Magra?

Michael Emmerich on Dogura magura (“Dogura Magura”) by Yumeno Kyusaku | Quarterly Conversation

After being robbed by a geisha, a ronin warrior carves a bloody path to seek revenge. The pen name literally means “a person who always dreams. It’s acceptable as a dkgura, but doesn’t have nearly enough flair of its own to serve as the basis for an animated adaptation.

Anyway, this movie adaption is still an awesome production which keeps itself very close to the original story. One interesting thing about the narrative is that the film provides no context in the beginning as the audience is left just as clueless as Ichiro.

Return to Book Page. Season 11 The Flash: A freestyle, imagined telling of the life of shaman queen Himiko, who falls in love with her half-brother, making her powers weaken thus putting her position to risk. By maugra time, he had developed a strong interest in the traditional Japanese drama form of Nohwith its maguura of ghost stories and supernatural events.


A young man, haunted by his past, travels the land in search of the lyrics to a lullaby his mother used to sing to him. Ikkei rated it liked it Jan 20, With every new plot twist, every new revelation provided by the two dogjra, the viewer grows more and more confused and starts wondering is there even a solution to this absurd puzzle.

Dogura Magura ‘s convolution and narrative trickery all but guaranteed most people would consider it unfilmable, but most people were not Toshio Matsumoto.

Let’s Animate This: ‘Dogura Magura’

Avant longtemps on se demande comment un tel tissu d’inepties a pu passer pour un chef d’oeuvre suscitant autant d’hyperboles. Trivia About Dogra Magra.

In Bolton, Chris; Csicsery-Ronay jr. Among them are two cousins who love each other and who get into a quarrel with other villagers. My own appreciation for Dogura Magua has been colored by this, since I’ve only been able to approach it in bits and pieces — via the original text, which my own stumbling understanding of Japanese only allowed me to approach so much; via the French translation, which again I could only close in on so mmagura because of my skills with that language although I was able to make more headway there, I admit ; and through three adaptations into other media: Both inherited cultural and historical heritage from China and both are faced with an identity crisis.

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Dogra Magra by Kyūsaku Yumeno

View all 8 comments. The story begins with a young man waking up only to find himself in an asylum, he is then checked on by a doctor, who claims he is here to help the young man to recover his lost memory, from this point onward, things take a nightmarish turn for the worse, and things go from weird to His film of Dogura Maguramade inwas the last feature film he made to date, and is as convoluted and difficult as the book ostensibly is. It’s difficult for me to determine the value of the end result, but the bland computer-graphics look of the production isn’t promising — it feel more like gloomy cyberpunk than Gothic dreadful, and tinkering with the flavor of the original is something done at one’s own peril.


Most of the film is very talky and dialogue-driven with plenty of flashbacks, so you need to pay REALLY close attention to catch everything that’s going on.

Dogra Magra

Published May 24th by Picquier first published October Search for ” Dogura magura ” on Amazon. Somewhere between those projects lies the right combination of flavors for an anime rendition of Dogura Magurabut any adaptation would also need to bring its own distinctive touch to the table as well.

Rather, we might want to turn maguta several existing anime for ideas — titles that dogufa have to be followed slavishly, but with elements worth using as inspiration.

Season 2 DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: Sep 10, jing rated it liked it. The manga version hails from the Manga de Dokuha “Reading Through Manga” series, an ongoing project wherein literary classics, Japanese and otherwise, are adapted into manga form to magjra interest in modern readers. Oct 06, Veterini rated it it was ok Shelves: Makiko rated it it was amazing Mar 10, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.