Ethics: Criminal Statutes: 18 U.S.C. § ; Office of Government Ethics Regulations: 5 DoD Directive · DoD R (Joint Ethics Regulations). subsection Ab. of Enclosure 3 of DoD Directive of May 6, (32 C.F.R. ) and effect. All DoD Component regulations implementing these cancelled DoD. Directives, and all SCHAPTER 1. DoD R. changes to DoD R, “Joint Ethics Regulation (JER),” August DoD Component’s ethics programs for DoD employees, both civilian.

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For National Guard Members who are subject to this Regulation, but are not subject to the Federal UCMJ or other Federal statutes, regulations, or directives, the method of enforcement for this Regulation is the applicable State code of military justice or other applicable State statutes or regulations. Provide periodic ethics and procurement integrity training for Rfgulation Counselors. Except in remote locations, the Agency Designee may act only after consultation with his local Ethics Counselor.

Each traveling DoD employee In the interest of Federal Government efficiency and economy, establish and maintain a resource center of ethics and procurement integrity materials including training materials developed by DoD Components. In some cases, the ethical element of decision-making will go no further than to consciously acknowledge that there are no significant ethical ramifications to consider.

Concealing or failing to report to proper authorities the commission of a felony under any criminal statute if the individual knew of the actual commission of ioint crime 18 U.


Interference reghlation an examination or personnel action in connection with Federal Government employment 18 U. Direct Administrative Officers or equivalent of the command or organization to ensure that the position descriptions of the DoD Component command or organization indicate if financial disclosure report filing, annual ethics training or procurement integrity training is required and ensure the accuracy of personnel data provided by the Director of the DoD Component personnel office on DoD employees of the command or organization; regulatiob.

Coordination is required as follows: DoD employees may serve as DoD liaisons to non-Federal entities when appointed by the head of the DoD Component command or organization who determines there is a significant and continuing DoD interest to be served by such representation. Relationships Governed by Other Authorities. They also include personal communications from the DoD employee’s usual work place that are most reasonably made tegulation at the work place such as checking in with spouse or minor dos scheduling doctor and auto or home repair joknt brief internet searches; e-mailing directions to visiting relatives when the Agency Designee permits categories of communications, determining that such communications:.


Virtually everyone in Federal Government service makes job related decisions. Certain banks and credit unions DoD Instruction See Chapter 10 of this Regulation for enforcement information.

Soliciting contributions for gifts or giving gifts to superiors, or accepting gifts from subordinates 5 U.

DOD 5500.07-R, The Joint Ethics Regulation (JER), including Changes 1-7.

Speeches by DoD employees at events sponsored by non-Federal entities are not precluded when the speech expresses an official DoD position in a public forum in accordance with public affairs guidance. Monitor and assist DoD Component DAEOs in ensuring effective corrective action is taken to remedy violations, potential violations and the appearance of violations of ethics laws or this Regulation.

Provide written and oral advice, counseling, and assistance to his DoD Component command or organization and to the DoD employees of his DoD Component command or organization, on all ethics matters, particularly areas covered by this Regulation and related statutes and regulations. Upon receipt of an OGE Formthe supervisor of the reporting individual shall provide an initial review reggulation the report using the criteria set forth in subsection Maintain a thorough understanding of current DoD ethics policy through contact with the DoD Component DAEO, attendance 5050.7-r periodic ethics training courses, and other appropriate methods.

DoD 55007-r Heads are required by 5 C. See DoD travel rules e. Support all aspects of the ethics program of the Military Department. An IEO that satisfies the requirements for an annual ethics briefing section DoD employees may 5500.7-r an allotment for membership dues to a non-Federal entity as provided in 5 C.

For example, for each use of the internet over Federal Government systems, the name and computer address of the DoD employee user is recorded by the Government and also by the locations searched. Requests for designation under this section shall be submitted in writing to the DoD General Counsel. All DoD employees are prohibited from, directly or indirectly, giving, offering, promising, demanding, seeking, receiving, accepting, or agreeing to receive anything of value to influence any official act, to influence commission of fraud on the United States, to induce committing or omitting any act in violation of a lawful duty, or to influence testimony given before an individual or non-Federal entity authorized to hear evidence or take testimony.

The term “non-public information” includes “inside information,” “proprietary information,” and “source selection information. Any person who acts as an agent of a foreign principal must file a registration statement with the U. More will occur to you as you give the matter a few minutes of thought. A DoD Component command or organization may co-sponsor a conference, seminar or similar event with a non-Federal entity when all of the following requirements are met: Any active duty Regular or Reserve military officer, including warrant officers.


The Secretary designates the following as combat zones under this subparagraph.

When a DoD employee requests permission to travel to or participate in activities of sod non-Federal entity and the Agency Designee or travel approving authority is an active participant in the non-Federal entity, that Agency Designee or travel approving authority may not act on the DoD employee’s request but shall defer such action to the next higher superior or another independent DoD authority.

Provide sufficient resources to enable the command’s or organization’s Ethics Counselors to implement and administer the local aspects of the command’s or organization’s ethics program in a regulatiob and effective manner. The reporting individual shall submit the required information directly to the Ethics Counselor.

Retain reports from the travel approving authority under 5 U. This statute prohibits receiving compensation for any representation, including those where there is no intent to be corrupted or to provide preferential treatment. Regardless of the number of DoD employees contributing to a gift or gifts on a special, infrequent occasion as permitted by 5 C.

Useful Links – DoD R, Joint Ethics Regulation

Exercise personal leadership and take personal responsibility through the DoD Component DAEO or designee for establishing and maintaining the DoD Component’s ethics program and be personally accountable for the DoD Component’s compliance with every requirement of this Regulation, including the ethics and procurement integrity training requirements; b.

Department of Defense Standards of Conduct Office United States Office of Government Ethics The information contained in this Web site is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as legal advice on any matter. Such indirect deceptions can promote ill-will and erode openness, especially when there is an expectation of frankness. Public servants are expected to engage personal judgment in the performance of official duties within the limits of their authority so that the will of the people is respected in accordance with democratic principles.

Gifts as defined in 5 C. Gifts from Outside Sources. Any such authorization shall be in writing, and shall identify the particular employee to participate, specify the capacity in which that employee shall participate, and identify the entity.

Information on Covered Positions In addition to the provisions of this Chapter, certain organizations have special relationships with DoD or its employees specifically recognized by law or by other directives.