Dr. Dan Burisch is on a necessary hiatus from official public contact until later this year [December ]. Unfortunately, there is very little that I am allowed to say. Home / Tag Archives: Dan Burisch biological entities and their presence on the earth – as told by the highly controversial whistle-blower, Dr. Dan Burisch. Read J-Rod and Dr Dan Burisch from the story Alien. J-Rod of Area 51 and Dr. Dan Burisch by SanjayPator (Sanjay Pator) with story Dan.

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Dan Burisch security cam outtake. Dan completed his ‘sabbatical’ in mid-December Dan, still a young child, spent several years working ean the weekends with Dr. It doesn’t matter if it seems to be a small effort – every positive effort counts. At the present time in contemporary scientific circles, what was once regarded as an absurd speculation is now taken as self-evident truth. I was also told to consider the views provided by LG as one of many potential realities at least in the future view mode.

Papoose Site 4 was the location. Never heard of him being referred to as Smiling Eyes.

Next year, he and I will be speaking publicly in person about Project Lotus – the groundbreaking investigation into a strange silicate-associated phenomenon which may be altering the genomes of every living organism on planet earth. We all remember the saga of Robert Lazar.

This is in contrast to the conventional wisdom buriscch held that life adapted to the planetary conditions as birisch and they evolved their separate ways. Below these hash marks was his designated area S4.

Harnessing, amplifying and lensing the basic gravity A wave has many other possibilities. Became a separate project in Dan speaks to issues about the doctrine of convergent timeline paradox and how the Stargate Looking Glass technology impacts us all.

Project Camelot | Dan Burisch

He also discusses the ‘Cube’, which may or may not be the same device as the fabled ‘Yellow Book’, or the ‘Black Box’ reported by our important witness Henry Deacon. This first DVD, plus the many hours of live and taped interviews Dan has provided to media, technically fulfill the orders.


The extent of vision and perseverance with her emerging theory is often measured by the reviews of critics. I am also in possession of all Dan’s diaries, covering over 20 years of his lifeplus hundreds of thousands of images and videos from his research. Sat, 20 Feb It was a very difficult time, as both Dan and I were afraid for ourselves as well as our loved ones, but we decided to push forward, regardless of the risk.

This is interesting because this was not the purpose of the drawings originally; the stroller is not labeled and no attention has been given to it.

No where listed is his supposed doctoral degree from SUNY. The P52s are more altruistic and have returned to attempt to help our present time situation.

The commentary that follows is from my source: I originally thought it was a monkey, but I found out that there were many test subjects that got sent through, so I am not certain what kind was involved in the experiment that went bad.

Is it not interesting that the issue of the possible polyphyletic origins of those plastids remains open, yet dogma is pronouncing near certainty for the predecessor of mitochondria, or is it, really?

Unknown microbes could be transferred from the host to the workers.

Interview with Micro-biologist Dr. Dan Burisch |

It was a shocking decision taken by burishc Majestic and once his acceptance of their orders was transmitted back, they stood in adjournment giving Dan approximately one year to accomplish this mission. Dann Spokesman during the Gulf War. There is more to all of this which has been added burisdh other burixch sources. Margulis, Lynn, “Microcosmos”, or does life follow the apparent path of the Universe, a series of transparently stoic acts of Cosmos from Chaos?

Apparently, Burisch’s financial stability wasn’t of too much concern to his supposed black ops employers.

This Project burich with positive success sic when inthe United States established primitive communications with the Aliens. But I am not entirely sure that mass does not move, or that mass is not affected. I also know that we can’t possibly reach everybody. But it can be reasoned, based upon what they did say that there were significant experiments in the movement of mass back and forward through time, many of which were successful.

Because it may be the key to the alien presence and mission on earth. A critical mass of agreement is necessary in order to choose what we wish to experience. I mean, what burosch LG were located in the middle of the Groom Lake facilityand the operators wanted to gain insight into the outcome of a conflict, say in the Middle East.


See also this page for precautions the American military has been taking through the trillions of dollars spent in construction of over a hundred deep underground bases in which any surface calamity could be survived by a relatively small and carefully selected elite group of people.

Interview with Micro-biologist Dr. Dan Burisch

Along the very bottom was either a DX standing for departmental transfer or WX standing for engineering transfer code which would allow the person access to different parts of the project, or pavilions as they call them. Apparently, images of the events at different places, relative to the location of the device can be picked up and in essence reflected off the gas, causing it to behave like a teleprompter or crystal ballfor lack of a better example.

Due to what took place during that event, Dan found himself returned to the park from which he was taken, subtly changed. Whether you believe these stories or not, there is a reason to take them seriously as there is already sufficient evidence of a cover-up. Almost immediately the Committee took action against Dan, causing his Ph.

What will happen to us is what we agree will occur He was briefed into the program sometime in We called him the ” Puppet Master. We have no further inside information, but can surmise that at least some of the issues raised in the interview are likely to be connected.

Schenke decided to do some checking and found a bankruptcy document filed by Burisch and his wife. Dan Burisch reports extensive contact vurisch two groups of J-Rods, both races of future humans who have traveled back in time to our world.