Abstract. The Navigator EPX is a digital lighting console optimised for the control of intelligent lighting. Its principle features are ease of use, flexibility of. Celco Navigator lighting console in excellent condition (includes console, case, and power supply). From and still works great!. Celco Navigator Lighting Desk | Sound & Vision, Performance & DJ Equipment, Stage Lighting & Effects | eBay!.

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The console 24 is connected via a data link navigaotr to each lamp unit within a group of lamp units, one lamp unit being shown by the reference numeral In comparing the present and previous maps, a third map is produced which indicates switches which have changed states between the generation of the first and second maps.

The driving terminals of amplifier are connected to the terminals of motor A fader input scanning subsidiary routine appears as the third routine encountered by the main sequencer. Because each encoder is associated with a different function of the lamp unit, the command response routine executes a jump to the function logical controller associated with the encoder that has a changed input value.

Retrieval of the data by the switch lamp control program is also necessary for comparing with the newest scan to determine if the lamps associated with newly depressed switches should be illuminated or extinguished. The lamp status scanning program handles all the lamps in the system in turn, and all lamps involved in the newly stored cue will eventually be able to send their cue data to the console. Once the particular lamp unit has replied to the status read message, the communications manager returns to the lamp status scanning program with the message received.


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Bunch of mac 2ntours and profiles. In one implementation of the invention, a controller is provided for a lighting system adapted to control a plurality of multiple parameter lamp units. Cue numbers are entered at the console 24 through a key pad The output signal from the amplifier is passed through an invertor to the input of a Manchester encoder This program is in the nature of an endless loop which branches out to other subsidiary programs in a predefined and unvarying sequence.

The microprocessor generates a series of control signals which are transmitted through a bus to a decoder An “S” key is provided for storing a cue while an “E” key is provided for entry of a new cue. Therefore, if a response routine finds that a previous message has not been transmitted to the network by the console processor complex, a pending message packet will be generated by the respective response routine.

USD451890S1 – Lighting control console – Google Patents

Whenever it is necessary for the file manager program celci access the data stored on the disk, as opposed to the copy in the console processor memory, the disk data manager program is activated. Accordingly, it is an object of the invention to provide a lighting controller constructed of independent, replaceable and reconfigurable modules.

The exception display program usurps command of one of the alpha-numeric display devices located on the front panel of the console for drawing attention thereto of the operator. Havigator subprogram controlling these components utilizes a conventional velocity-feedback servo control algorithm. In the present example, only the servomotor control program is activated.

Thus, there is provided a feedback loop for determining the rate of rotation of naviator motor The message block includes the manual change lamp command, the amount of change, and the identifier for the particular encoder. Navugator repeater 52 provides bidirectional communication for the paths 38 and The network real-time clock program is activated by a hardware interrupt. In both situations, once the appropriate actions have been accomplished, control is returned to the main sequencer loop.


Weird consoles

I’m normally not afraid of any console. At power-up, the reset signals to the encoders and are at an initial low logic level for a short period of time. The communications manager is an associated program which has been described previously in connection with the operation of the command interpreter program.

Seems like there should be an unwritten rule for this. A typical installation for a computer controlled lighting system 20 in accordance with the present invention is illustrated in FIG. The disclosure in application Ser. Lastly, there is provided a switch lamp control subsidiary program. On faders where all I want is movement and intensity, you must ghost these lights up with a fader to preset your lights in a proper focus position.

The output from the decoder comprises a group of control signals which are directed to a decoder and further distributed as control commands throughout many of the circuits in the lamp processor system In addition, cue information data is recalled by the console processor complex from the units by broadcasting the cue number and allowing each lamp unit to determine whether the cue is applicable.