Vigilanza Privata Servizi Fiduciari CCNL Accordo 22 Sei Un Lavoratore Di Un’impresa Di Pulizia, Servizi Integrati/multiservizi? Il Fondo ASIM. TUTTI IN CLASSE Corso di aggiornamento per responsabili amministrativi e finanziari di cooperative di servizi di media dimensione. cHAPTER 0 Introduction Hera Group Consolidated Financial Report as .. da Hera Spa MARCHE MULTISERVIZI Spa 44,62% MMS Ecologica Srl the salary raises provided for by the national labour agreement (CCNL).

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The Hera Group operates in the entire waste multuservizi, with 94 plants used for urban and special waste treatment and disposal and plastic material regeneration. These significant operations allowed the Group to further widen its commercial offer and its own range of plants. The authorization process that will be completed by the end of the summer was initiated in Modena and in the meantime the final design of the operation was completed.

Elenco leggi – Cooperative Italiane

Multiservizu and increasing growth The following table shows the operating results for the first six months of and Strong commitment continues in operating investments in plants and infrastructures. The spread between the yields of Italian and German ten-year bonds, after rising in the first half of the year, fell at the end of June to reach the level it had occupied at the end of In particular, the 2103 of Hera Spa and Marche Multiservizi are calculated using their consumption as baseline while AcegasApsAmga considers the average of consumption and has set a reduction target of 3.

Information system The Information Systems department is responsible for ensuring the development and efficiency of the Group’s information systems to support its business.

On 1 January Heratech Srl, a company that manages works requested by customers new connections, technical opinions, urbanisation, etc. Works will continue over the course of the year with civil engineering works and the supply of the systems comprising the anaerobic digestion facility and are scheduled to end in with the introduction of biomethane into the Snam network.


All signals currently indicate that recovery in the eurozone will grow stronger and more widely spread. Standardizing systems in other companies The multi-year plan for standardizing multisrrvizi information system in AcegasApsAmga Spa is still ongoing.

At the latest monetary policy meeting, the BCE did not modify the cost of money, as analysts expected, but launched the signal that markets were waiting for.

This rise was mainly due to greater volumes sold, a higher price of raw materials, a larger amount of trading and the higher cost per unit ccnnl energy efficiency certificates. Among the more significant works, note in particular: Umltiservizi volumes dispensed, following Aeegsi resolution no. The new organisational and corporate configuration ensuing from the creation of Ccn, Distribuzione Energia Spa and Heratech Srl has led to a different representation of personnel costs and operating costs within the various business areas, while remaining globally unchanged.

The electricity demand in the first half of showed an increase as compared to the same period of the previous year, rising by 2. The Group applies a financial management approach based on risk mitigation, adopting a risk hedging policy that leaves no room for the use of derivatives for speculative purposes, derivatives being a perfect hedge of the underlying debt instruments.

Elenco leggi

Revenues for regulated services dropped, ccnll to lower revenues covering amortisation costs. The cost of money remained unchanged, with the main rate at zero and the rate on bank deposits at – 0.

In Uniflotte Srl a joint investigation was carried out regarding the establishment of a system for On-Call Availability for Emergency Management.

The energy improvement plans of Hera Spa, AcegasApsAmga and Marche Multiservizi drawn up since as part of their energy management systems, include measures to implement in the three-year span of the management system. In the first half ofthe process of uniforming and simplifying AcegasApsAmga Spa’s organizational structure continued.


Interest rate risk management entails, from time to time, and depending on market conditions, transactions involving a specific combination of fixed-rate and floating-rate financial instruments as well as derivative products.

Requests for new connections in umltiservizi first multservizi of were similar to those seen in the previous year and thus continued to reflect the overall economic situation. Adequate liquidity for a worst-case scenario Worst case scenario At Group headquarters, investments in corporate buildings, IT systems and the vehicle fleet.

Cerca nel sito Parola. Currently, data are recorded and processed to check the variations of pollutant gas parameters depending on the weather conditions and seasonal temperatures.

In September Hera Comm Srl was awarded the Friuli Venezia-Giulia and Emilia Romagna portion of the last resort gas supply service FUI for the period between 1 October and 30 Septemberalong with 5 portions of the default service in gas fcnl between 1 October and 30 September The financial results for 1H prove to be positive once again, thanks to the contribution coming from all business areas and external growth.

In the context of circular economy, tests were carried out to determine the compositions and yields of the biomass varies in different seasons in order to recover energy from organic wastes from parks and gardens to produce biofuels such as biomethane or bioethanol.

The Quantitative easing QE purchasing plan remained unchanged as well, with a value of 60 billion per month, and will last until the end of The dashboard will be visible through Smart blackboards available in the company.

From a financial point of view as multiservizo, positive results emerged: