home decoration and furniture, that began manufacturing in Spain 49 years . SCHULLER, S.L., is a leading firm in lamps and light-fittings, home decoration and furniture, that began manufacturing . SCHULLER, S.L., is a leading firm in lamps and light-fittings, home We offer more than lighting items, among lamps, table lamps, floor lamps or wall.

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Copied from the original in the John Carter Brown Library. Schuller according the most reliable sources of information. Bibliography sheets attributed to Schuller. Schuller Rudolf Revista Americana vol. Includes a pasted in photograph of Schuller and annotations.

Catalogi Internationale d ‘Ethnologie et de Linguistique, vol. Ok-uk, us, is, to drink, throat, recipient. A, por Rodolfo Schuller”. Notebook titled Medidas Pesos Moneda with inserts.

In this article, we are presenting some of the new products from Schuller, while remembering schullsr classics that never go out of style. Pipil poetry and a short vocabulary from El Salvador, C. Ka-ca-koi-cai-tsa-ka, tsa ta, sa, fish and so on. Ka, stone, bone, hard. Drawings for proposed book plate.


Archaic roots Mixe-Ayook Balimar p. New trends, new products. Six boxes boxes of half sheets with vocabulary items, words, definition, and pronunciation, organized by “root” or what appears to be subject in some cases.

Rodolfo R. Schuller Papers,ca. 1925-1932.

Schuller on social networks Written in Corporate Corporativo on 5 Junio, Includes letters from A. Lists of materials offered for sale by Schuller; correspondence between Schuller and Hodge re the acquisition of the collection, etc.

What collections are we recommending for this summer? Extracts of Stoll’s Ixil tract, a Maya-K’ice language. Fernandez, Miguel Angel Monumentos Arquelogicos, vol. Grammar and vocabulary from Moran, Francisco. Folders with reprints of Schuller’s scientific papers and others, partially annotated by Schuller.

Maya-K’ice elements in a series of Karib-Aruak Arawak languages, embracing the archaic forms in all known Maya-K’ice tongues. Art en lengua Ch’olti, Vocabulary cards with bibliographic information. Place names of southern Colombia, all of Indian origin, elements for a linguistic chart of that section of Colombia.


Kot ko akat, dance, drum, mask. News clippings about Schuller. Gi, blood, sap, juice, sweat. Divided into unlabeled sections with no apparent or decipherable order. Reprint from Indian Notes, vol. Schuller in which were catallogo be published to show the geographical distribution of the different Indian languages of Honduras.

Idioma Carihe de Cuando estuve en el Orinoco. Due to svhuller handwriting on the folders there may be errors in spelling. Schuller, Rudolph Anales Universitarios, vol. Ki-si-ci-tsi, hot, sun, fire, tree, forest, etc.

SCHULLER, S.L. – Furniture

He served on the faculty of the National University in Mexico City. En, tsen, kill, mountain. Ik-uk-sik-suk, wing, point, top. Four languages, Aguacateca, Mam, Jacalteca, Cuxe. List of place names of Indian origin of cataloog Colombia, Cartagena.