Boswellia copallifera resin commonly known as Copal Blanco and Copal de Penca harvested in Mexico. Background: The plant species Bursera copallifera (DC) bullock is used in traditional medicine to treat inflammation. The leaves of this plant. PDF | Plants from the Bursera genus are widely distributed in the tropical dry forests of Mexico. In traditional medicine, extracts from different.

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Semi-hardy in Phoenix Sun Exposure: Acevedo Quiroz2 M.

Bursera copallifera

The research on Boswellia copallifera moderate is ongoing. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Thus, our work may conclude cpallifera one of the main anti-inflammatory mechanisms is COX inhibition, underlying the popular use of this plant species is the fast inhibition of proinflammatory eicosanoids.

The anti-inflammatory activities of these extracts were evaluated on TPA-induced auricular edema in mice.

Bursera copallifera – Ethereal Aromas Incense Company

The active extracts were obtained from the leaves and stems of B. However, the novelty of our contribution lies in the broad panel of vursera cell lines using several organic extracts aerial parts. CA Cancer J Clin. Deciduous shrub or small tree, up to 14 feet tall 4.

Animals Groups of six male mice CD1 weighing 25—30 g were maintained on a Effects of Organic Extracts of Bursera copallifera and B.


In addition, the in vitro cytotoxic activities of the organic extracts were evaluated using the sulforhodamine B assay.

No photographs or artwork may be used without expressed permission. How to cite this article: Fagaroides exhibited potent cytotoxic activity against four cancer buraera lines. All of the evaluated extracts exhibited anti-inflammatory effects at doses of 0. The presence of Germacrene-D along with other organic hydrocarbons in the leaves is thought to contribute to the insecticidal properties of various members of the Burseraceae family, including Vopallifera copalliferaB.

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Let us know if you are satisfied or dissatisfied of their services, since obviously we are trying to advertise only for reputable garden supply companies. Tropicos, Missouri Botanical Garden,available from http: The results indicate that B. Within the search of natural products with activity on insects, organic extracts hexane, ethyl acetate and methanol of Bursera copallifera and B. Recent developments in anti-inflammatory natural copllifera.

Arthur Allman Bullock Chichiacle, Copalillo, Iztacteteo, Ticomaca. Ear punch biopsies 8 mm in diameter were obtained and immediately weighed. All text written by Matthew R. Bionsecticide activity of organic extracts of Busera copallifera DC. The weight increase copaloifera the ear punches was directly proportional to the degree of inflammation. Finally, INDO was effective against inflammation at the evaluated concentration.

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Little ubrsera when established Propagation: Linares E, Bye R. Accessed on 25 Aug After seven days of the initial dosing, surviving larvae were weighed and its length measured. Please expect the above information to be revised as more information becomes available.


The associated anti-inflammatory mechanism is mediated by the direct inhibition of COX-1 and moderate of COX-2, primarily associated with inflammatory disease.

Desert Tropicals Home Page List of All the Plants More in the Burseraceae family Tell your friends about this page Desert-Tropicals is dedicated to provide gardening advice, gardening ideas, and information about flower of all kind for landscape and collections. Journal of Entomology, 9: Inhibitory activity against phospholipases A 2 The most active extract in the TPA-induced edema model was evaluated for its inhibition of PLA 2 activity. These results validate the traditional use of B.

Bullock and Bursera grandifolia Schltdl. Western Mexico Growth Habits: However, the anti-inflammatory properties of B. The following extracts were obtained from various parts of the plant: There are several reports of traditional medicines providing relief from pain and inflammation. Songklanakarin J Sci Technol. Burseraceae Bursera copallifera in Art Pacheco’s collection.

Thus, all the extracts except MeSB, which showed no activity on TPA test were used in subsequent in copalliffera tests to determine the mechanism of their anti-inflammatory activity.

These results directly illustrate the anti-inflammatory effects of B.