Find out about the Philips BrightView XCT system for SPECT/CT scanning at the Cancer Center of Santa Barbara. Product, BrightView XCT BrightView X upgrade to XCT, designed for single or dual detector nuclear imaging accommodating a range of ECT. Philips – BrightView XCTFits you like no other, BrightView XCT is a SPECT/CT system designed entirely for nuclear medicine. We took a deeper understanding .

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The system has been installed at three sites throughout the Brightivew. Larger axial extents are imaged in a step-and-shoot fashion, by combining volumes from several XCT spins. Nuclear Medicine Spectrum Dynamics: Greg Freiherr Events About.


Log in to vote. Concurrent imaging functionality facilitates easy optimization of new molecular imaging protocols. I would like to receive marketing related electronic communications about Philips products, services, events and promotions that may be relevant to me based on my user preferences and behavior. This setup reduces room size requirements and system weight compared to using a separate CT gantry.

In contrast, the knit lines are much less obvious and the overall uniformity of the image is improved with the iterative reconstruction. brjghtview

What does this mean? Astonish reconstruction technologies can cut acquisition time in brigthview. It should be noted that the HU specification range for the various materials is not as stringent as with conventional CT scanners.


Philips BrightView XCT

The transition involves a simple upgrade without a change to the room size or power requirements. Fully supported by the resources of Brifhtview services, Philips offers you comprehensive support and training throughout the life of your system, giving you knowledge and experience to make the most of BrightView X and XCT from day one.

This content has been made possible by NetForum Community. Additionally, a weighting function is applied to handle the central overlap region small orange disk in Figure xt. Measured and expected HU values are summarized in Table 1.

News Teleradiology November 25, Digital Radiography Technology Report: We took a deeper understanding of what works for you and your patients and combined it with advanced intelligence in technology and services. These requirements are 24 hours Detector offset, brigutview, and gain are corrected using dark detector frames and air scans as reference.

Shallow tidal breathing is usually adequate for extremity and head studies, using either the 12 or 24 second xtc, since these areas are generally not affected by respiratory motion. Scattered radiation in the X-ray projections is subtracted using an object-dependent scatter estimation and correction method. The effective dose to the patient from the XCT portion of this study was approximately 4.

  IEEE 1058.1 PDF

Iterative reconstruction for circular cone-beam CT with an offset flat-panel detector.

Overview | BrightView XCT | Philips

Outline of the unique steps required for the FBP reconstruction method. Noise, spatial uniformity, and water value accuracy can be read from the indicated measurements.

Therefore, the non-uniformities in HU values that can exist with FBP reconstructions do not adversely impact the attenuation map. Monotonic algorithms for transmission tomography. IMV, part of the Science and Medicine Group and a market research and business brightviww provider to the imaging The images do not overlap. For attenuation correction scans in myocardial perfusion studies, shallow tidal breathing with the 60 second rotation is preferred in order to average the attenuation data over multiple respiratory cycles to match the position of the heart during the SPECT study.

The quick review image provides almost immediate feedback to the user allowing them to quickly evaluate the CT acquisition. Concurrent Imaging produces more data, faster. The patient zone is designed to enhance the patient experience. Go to similar content.

Philips BrightView XCT

An ultra-large gantry aperture provides an open patient experience. Siemens Healthineers will announce U. Mirada Medical Joins U.