Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Starred Review. Though it never goes for the Body of Work: Meditations on Mortality from the Human Anatomy Lab – Kindle edition by Christine Montross. Download it once and read it on your . Montross, Christine Body of Work is a cleverly crafted memoir – or, rather, the first chapter of a memoir – of the author’s medical school. A “gleaming, humane” (The New York Times Book Review) memoir of the relationship between a cadaver named Eve and a first-year medical student Medical.

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Dec 28, Steve Scott rated it it was amazing Shelves: So will it be a boy or a girl? This is montroxs deep and beautiful book, not soon forgotten. In fact, Chrishine dedicates this book to Eve, who she credits with helping her become a good doctor. I will read it again and again, as you should. I have felt the body go from warm to cool, and the eyes from live coals to empty sockets.

Body of Work: Meditations on Mortality from the Human Anatomy Lab

Oct 09, Toni rated it liked it. This book both cemented my fascination with wanting to go to medical school or some further medical training, and also cemented the fact that I coul For me, this book was perfect and hit a perfect time.

The examination of the history of anatomy study is what saved the book from the tossing pile for me. One of the reasons I chose that program was that I knew it was hard. Excellent read on many levels. And from the moment when anatomical knowledge begins to take on that quality of the innately known — at some unidentifiable point midway through the semester — the foundation is laid for an understanding of disease At times, in fact at most times, specific knowledge in medicine seems to be better understood than general knowledge.

It captures the awe and mystery of the human body, the unnaturalness of breaking down a human bovy, and how doing so is vital if one wants to understand how a body works, so that live bodies can one day be brought back to wholeness and health. So no one speaks up, and as a result each person believes that she is alone in her experience. Chtistine process of dissection, while macabre for many, serves a beautiful purpose here.


What are the characteristics of the sexual glands? In addition I wanted to be as present as possible to feel as if I had been an observer to her journey, both in the lab and out. Not necessarily because of the gross anatomy cadaver dissection lab, but despite my love of medicine, anatomy, science, and knowledge, I think it’s just too grueling.

Lists with This Book. Gruesome in some ways, yes, but really beautiful. Full understanding is impossible.

Bookface: Body of Work, by Christine Montross

All that said, I am freaking thrilled with Body of Work over all. This last stage of dissection takes a steep toll on the students.

The utilitarian perspective of resource allocation and odds is a luxury afforded to someone who does not love the body lying in the hospital bed with oddly flexed arms. TheKampungOwl October 27, at 8: Apart from that, I have to say I couldn’t identify with much of what else she wrote.

Dec 29, Montrosa rated it it was amazing.

To quote, and this is after taking out a h I read this book right before I began anatomy lab because my mom sent it to me. Montross ponders a patient who is yellow in colour, has no sign of any brain or nervous system activity, and is kept alive by machinery which performs the gody critical functions.

Refresh and try again. One woman flees the lab to vomit.

Body of Work

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. From christtine first cut to the last, the author wonders what the nature of her fear is, her reluctance and revulsion, wonders how she can so desecrate a body yet, for the sake of being a good physician, how she can refuse. If you’re interested in how the body works and you want a sort of coming of age story combined then this book is great.


The examination of the history of an Kind of a mixed book for me. Four surgeons finally find the vessel and tie it. As much as you want to compartmentalize, seeing a face of someone that could be your grandmother and brings life into this thing you have densensized yourself to for months is challenging and through provoking. Unless any of my loved ones has a pressing question about how to find their angle of Louis The horror is worrk what is present and cut apart but what has so completely and irreversibly gone.


Grief, fear, pain, love.

I will read it again and again, as you should Instantly became a favorite. She says that after lab she sat in her car and cried.

Why would we all recoil at such a violation? The first day in the anatomy chrostine she was partnered with four other; Tripler TripTamara, and Raj. We hear gritty, jaw-dropping details of cutting and sawing to reveal og is within the body. One of the biggest reasons I had for leaving the program was the feeling that Montdoss had no idea what I was doing, and wasn’t really getting taught that.

Finally, I have finished this book! One of the first things I saw that was amazing was the thoracolumbar fascia, which is just a fancy name for a tough sheet of tissue that is used as a sort of honestly, I don’t know all of what it’s for anchoring point for some muscles, and protective covering.

Jun 17, Jessica rated it liked it. I would love for someone I know to read this too in order to discuss There was no evidence of major surgery inside Eve’s abdomen. Quotes from Body of Work: Want to Read saving…. Sep 03, Mikey B. She visited an autopsy cgristine in Ireland and the University of Padua in Italy where Vesalius, a forefather worm anatomy, once studied; she learned about body snatchers and grave-robbers and anatomists who practiced their work on live criminals.

And you can suddenly walk into a hospital room, ask someone to take off his clothes, and he will do it.