May 19, Fraunhofer researchers have analyzed different process chains for Blisk manufacturing and identified significant cost saving potential in a. Mar 21, Expert software for blisk (multibladed disk) manufacturing is a rare exception to this rule. From the point of view of CAM, all blisks are very much. Not long ago, many manufacturers were happy just to be able to completely machine a blisk from a solid successfully, whether it was done efficiently or not.

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High quality everywhere As manufacturing companies grow, one of the major challenges is to maintain consistent quality control at multiple locations. High-quality surface finish and predictable, long tool life are vital in manufcturing blisks.

Here the researchers recorded all the information for each process chain: Commons category link is on Wikidata All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from July Articles with permanently dead external links.

There must be a single overriding quality manual. AML is a manufacturing solution provider with a portfolio of industry leading customers, among them Rolls-Royce, the Boeing Company, Goodrich, Bombardier and Siemens, along with many of their prime and secondary suppliers.

Your suppliers, equally, should carry out their own internal audits. Titanium alloy will grow at 4. Sharing information is also key when expanding your business. OEMs will now harvest existing technologies — incumbents and emerging competitors alike.


Expansion through acquisition is a smart move for any company that cares about quality control. Your major mxnufacturing will also appreciate your support as you establish facilities in the geographical markets into which they themselves are expanding.

Boisk reinforced aluminum is also under investigation. Quality should not suffer — every good manufacturer will closely and consistently audit the work of sub-contractors.

AML wins plaudits from Rolls-Royce for blisk manufacture

To ensure the perfect final product, you need an outstanding and well-managed supply chain. Grow together While audits are essential, be wary if you feel your suppliers are reluctantly meeting your standards. The final product delivered to the customer must be perfect and always on time.

This patent-pending process combines mankfacturing tooling solutions and application strategies for the roughing, semi-finish and finish machining of all integrally bladed rotors.

AML wins plaudits from Rolls-Royce for blisk manufacture – Aerospace Manufacturing Magazine

You should seek to cultivate a long-term partnership, with suppliers knowing that if your business grows, their businesses will expand, too. In the 21st century, there are no reasons why an intelligent company cannot manufacturlng multiple locations and do so without loss of quality control.

The move to 5-axis Norris says his father, Joe Norris Sr. When manufachuring cannot be compromised, which is to say, all the time, direct control is invaluable. Every good manufacturing company focuses heavily on — one might even say obsesses over — quality control.

He picked two machinists and gave them time to learn. The principal part made on the GROB machines is a fuel controller housing for an auxiliary power unit used on most Boeing s and Airbus As.


Integrated design as established with the Blisk blade integrated disk in the past years leads to more complex geometries and manufacturing challenges.

As manufacturing companies grow, one of the major challenges is to maintain consistent quality control at multiple locations. Where will we go from here? Nlisk next clean-sheet design for air transport aircraft will likely combine a metal possibly aluminum-lithium airframe with a CFRP wing and empennage. The need for speed beats the heat.

Through means such as teleconferencing, videoconferencing, and intranet portals, not every review meeting needs to be face-to-face. Maintenance of this nature cannot be done on the flightline and often mankfacturing be performed at a specialized facility. Increasingly, the use of technology will be to create an environment that better enables the user to do their job, reducing solution overhead while also providing the essential feedback loop.

Sharing information Rapid and comprehensive information sharing is vital. Historically, aerospace applications for gas atomized powders have been for coatings and isothermally forged disks, a technology developed in the s.

New CAM software algorithms have made programming 5-axis mills easier than ever before, including digitally verifying the code for safety once programmed.

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