The latest version of this manual and Pearl Expert Titan Software can Expert, or the Pearl , or consoles, they have their own. Avolites Ltd recognise that all trademarks within the manual are the property of their respective Note: Tiger Touch shows can be transferred to Pearl Expert Titan consoles, but or a Pearl // console, because the show file. The user manuals for the Pearl / Pearl Tiger are well written and those The Avolites Pearl / / / / Olympic Limited.

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With a Group or individual fixtures selected: Some other desks allow you change the wheels, the Cham Sys being one. The Pearl gives you the option to Include individual attributes using the selection buttons on the right.

You could also use this to Record Remove get rid of unwanted fixtures in a memory. Jim December 20, at 9: The can be useful when creating a one-shot chase for some fancy changes. I like the size of the tiger and it looks sexy,lol… I have mostly been hacking away at it and though I make it work I mostly run shows in the program mode.

Is the Pearl Simulator compatible with Pearl and Pearl consoles? Sometimes they get stashed there, open up the front panel few screws around the edge of the face and lift from the back edge. Record mode retains the state in which it was last set. Saravana March 10, at 3: Rob Sayer April 14, at 1: Extracting values you have already recorded and dumping into the programmer is a quick way to build looks based on programming work you have already done.


Comment Name Email will not be published Website. Axel April 12, at 3: The desk is in service mode. Using colour mixing fixtures, you get the option to align each colour flag e.

Avolites pearl manual español – Google Docs

So, the Align function helps us to get our ducks in a row. It might be just an attribute eg. Fixture selection, groups and navigation are essential to be able handle large lighting rigs efficiently. There is an even better way of doing this though — see Off later on.

Prism or might be whole fixtures that you no longer want in the memory. Navigation Home Stage Lighting. Rob Sayer April 3, at 1: To use all attributes: If you have a lot of other non-LED related programming then you can at least salvage this. December 17, By Rob Sayer in Tutorials Using the reset jumper found on the main board short out two of the pins on the non-switch connector until you are in Program mode again.

Does anybody know where you can sell your second hand pearl keyboard?

DAT file and that it is correctly loaded. This file resides on any of the Personality Disks grab one from the Avo downloads site and can be updated via the System screens.

Avolites Pearl & Pearl Tiger Operator Tools and Time Savers

This pulls only the pearo information from Submaster 1 and puts it into the Programmer. Sometimes they get stashed there, open up the front panel few screws around the edge of the face and lift from the back edge The other hack technique is to follow the key switch wiring back to the connector and remove the connector.


I found it misplaced now. The Align Fixtures qvolites aligns all parameters. A lot of the concepts are also common to the larger desks including the Pearl Expert and Diamond4 though the interface of the D4 is a bit different. 2040 W-E April 13, at Choosing EXIT No extracts all the Gobo values from the Submaster — Good if you wanted to include the whole cue, but forgot that you had some fixtures selected.

A good lighting desk should have a half decent set of fixture selection tools. I still use both boards and going back and forth may be a bit much for this old brain of mine. This removes the Tilt information of those fixtures from a cue altogether. Avolires lost my avolite pearl key. Thanks for you time and the tips, I hope my tiger will eventually eat my hog. There seems to be a finite set of tools with infinite ways to use them.

Can I load a show from Pearl Simulator to Pearl console? The key to using these features on the Pearl is to experiment and see them work before understanding how they can help your particular style as an operator.

I would hesitate to call this a full Advanced Pearl Programming Tutorial but manial of a heads up on what the desk has to offer to to advance your skills as a Pearl operator. Rob Sayer January 24, at 1: Aligning parameters and using existing programming to build new cues avoid wasting creative time with work already done.