ASTM-A › Zinc Coating (Hot-Dip), Assembled Steel Products. ASTM-A – EDITION – SUPERSEDED — See the following: ASTM-. in Specifications A and A This ASTM Standards A47/ A47M 1 This specification is under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee A05 on. ASTM AAM Standard Specification for Zinc – Standard A and A shall be done using the metric equivalent of the test.

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NOTE 6—The requirements for the?

ASTM-A | Zinc Coating (Hot-Dip), Assembled Steel Products | Document Center, Inc.

Likewise, do not use removal of small particles of the coating by paring or whittling to determine failure. In the case of any such local section containing more than one material category or steel thickness range as delineated in Table 1, that section will contain more wstm one specimen see Fig.

For more information on the ASTM designation system see our related article: Articles Dynamic Strain Aging of Steels: Each system shall be used independently of the zstm without combining values in any way.

NOTE 3—The galvanizer may choose to add trace amounts of certain elements for example, aluminum, nickel, and tin to the zinc bath to help in the processing of certain reactive steels or to enhance the cosmetic appearance of the? The galvanizer has only limited control over this condition.

Your comments will receive careful consideration at a meeting of the responsible technical committee, which you may attend. Surfaces that remain uncoated after galvanizing shall be renovated in accordance with the methods in Practice A unless directed by the purchaser to astn the uncoated areas untreated for subsequent renovation by the purchaser.

ASTM Standard List: Coated Steels

ASTM specifications represent a consensus among producers, specifiers, fabricators, and users of steel mill products.

In the case of orders in SI units, all testing and inspection 1 This speci?


If the lot is found to be nonconforming by the new sample, the galvanizer has the right to sort the lot for conforming articles by individual test, to re-galvanize non-conforming articles, or to renovate the nonconforming articles in accordance with 6.

NOTE 4—The coating thickness grades in Table 1 represent the minimum value obtainable with a high level of con?

Search Knowledge Base Enter a phrase to search for: ASTM B standard spe Surface conditions related to de? The thickness thus determined is a point value.

Part Two Medium Manganese Steels: NOTE 7—Items which are prepared for galvanizing by abrasive cleaning will generally develop a thicker coating with a moderately rougher surface. Enter a phrase to search for: If a zinc alloy is used as the primary feed to the galvanizing bath, then the base material used to make that alloy shall conform to Speci?

Unless otherwise agreed upon between the galvanizer and the purchaser, or established within this speci? The other values are based on conversions using the following formulas: Number of Pieces in Lot 3 or less 4 to to 1 1 to 3 3 to 10 10 and over Number of Specimens all 3 5 8 13 20 NOTE 10—Where a number of identical items are to be galvanized, a statistical sampling plan may be desired.

Practice A provides guidance on steel selection and discusses the effects of various elements in steel compositions for example, siliconthat in? The mass, shape, and amount of cold working of the product being galvanized may also affect this condition.

In the case of aatm in SI units, such shall be stated to the galvanizer when the order is placed. Finding ASTM materials and standards from specific designation systems in the Total Materia database With Total Materia finding information about a metal standard specification, its current status and the materials it defines is one click away.

Otherwise, the test specimens shall be selected at random from each lot. In such cases, the precision and accuracy of the coating thickness measuring technique should be taken into x386 when rejecting such articles for coating thickness below that required by this speci? Except for local excess qstm thickness which would interfere with the use of the product, or make it dangerous to handle edge tears or spikesrejection for nonuniform coating shall be made only for plainly visible excess coating not related to design factors such as holes, joints, or special drainage problems see Note 6.


For thickness testing purposes, articles whose surface area is greater than in.

Visual asfm of the coating shall be made for compliance with the requirements. The average of the? Such inaccessible areas, for example, would be the internal surfaces of certain tanks, poles, pipes, tubes, and so forth.

ASTM AAM Standard Specification for Zinc_百度文库

With Total Materia finding information about a metal standard specification, its current status and the materials it defines is one click away. For test by the purchaser after delivery, the lot consists of the single order or the single delivery load, whichever is the smaller, unless the lot identity, established in accordance with the above, is maintained and clearly indicated in the shipment by the galvanizer.

Within the text of this speci? In addition, the purchaser should anticipate the need for test batches or extra preparation steps, or both, such as blasting before galvanizing or other methods, to attempt to reach the higher requirements with consistency.

For magnetic thickness measurements, specimen excludes any area of the surface which is subject to processes such as?

For a unit of product whose surface area is equal to or less than in.