Robbie Williams. Adele. Cee Lo Green. James Morrison. Ash Soan has played with all of these and many more, and now he wants to make you. Ash Soan Grooving Drums. Ash Soan – THE PRODUCERS Garden Of Flowers, Ash Soan Groove with Hi-Hat Triplets. Ash Soan In the Shed Ash Soan. Ash Soan performs “Slave To The Rhythm” by Grace Jones.

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Downes Braide Association — Skyscraper Souls s. Del Amitri — Hatful Of Rain s. Do you like knowing what the lyrics are going to be, having a lot of information about the track, and being in the room with the singer?

Every song has got its own life. I play very simply, actually. Blue — One Love s. In he moved to London, where he continued his studies at Drumtech. For me, as a drummer, it groovea and tocks.

When you were learning to play, were you thinking about becoming a session drummer?

Grooves Album – Transcriptions (pdf) –

Ash wound up touring and recording with that group for three years, making connections that have served him to this day on studio and live dates with the likes of Nelly Furtado, Seal, and Billy Idol, as well as on soundtrack work and in the house band of The Voice U. Adele — 21 1 s. Cher — Dancing Queen s. We chatted about the drum part on that track with Adele. Brian McFadden — Irish Son s. Alain Clark — Walk With Me s. So he made me a cassette of tracks [featuring drummers he liked], and we talked about what it groobes that those drummers brought to their bands, and what he wanted for Del Amitri.


Olly Murs — Olly Murs s. Lots of drummers follow me on Instagram. I also try to provide the grooevs sound for the song. She actually came up with the part. Journey South — Journey South 1 s. It should be a pretty simple process. That, and the content of the song—you should take that on emotionally when you play, and hopefully I do.

James Morrison — Up feat. Tony Carreira — Essencial 1 s. Ronan Keating — Iris s. Juanes — Yerbatero s.

People were happy when I played on their stuff. Boyzone — Better s. I realized that I was well suited to working for other people in a short time frame and I could facilitate what a producer wanted me to do. Alesha Dixon — The Alesha Grooges s. Mission Impossible Fallout — Soundtrack s. Kick Horns — The Other Foot s. I realized that Jeff Porcaro was doing that. James Morrison — Higher Than Here s.

I guess I always knew that I would be playing different genres of music. And then music turned up. Jessie J s. Renato Zero — Chiedi Di Me s. I did an album once with [producer] Trevor Horn for an Italian artist, and the engineer took the vocal out when I was tracking.


Woodstock 94 s. That was an amazing experience. Laura Pausini — Simili 1 s.


We begin our chat by asking Soan about his first true professional drumming experiences. If you get an hour to practice, what do you do? The band Del Amitri gave me a proper start.

Rebecca Ferguson — Heaven s. Seal grrooves Soul 2 1 s. No, I just wanted to play drums. Ronan Keating — Fires s.

Other things come into play.