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I have in my blood the Blood of the Dragon! Ford observes that Filith transmits knowledge through Her womb. She decided to leave the golden cage and become independent, a free Being – the true Goddess. Lilith, the Goddess of Sitra Ahra and Nocturnal Chaos is not made of only one, but many faces and Epithets that reflect the most instinctive nature of the human soul.

Even alchemistic graphics, goetic sigils, medieval woodcuts etc. She then continued to talk to me. Many people tend to identify themselves with their persona so much, that they believe that it is their whole personality.

Mysterious characters and bloody drawings of wolves and snakes are still stuck in my mind.

Współczesne czarownictwo

The progenitor of demons. The innate spark of the black flame pulses and calls if one is but willing to listen and to command.

The energy of this chakra expands and ascends through your spine, awakening each of the chakras and fillin g your body with new energy, and a new blood. Sex is the reproduction principle and also the need to exchange energy with a partner, the moment where the two adepts become together like Satan and Lilith, united to generate the Chaos energy.

I breathed easily, and the Goddess spoke one of Her names. Ropucha i Jaguar Ralph Metzner. I quickly let it go with the thought of her getting stung into anaphylactic shock bringing a sadistic comfort.


She showed me Her dark and bloody face in order to bestow freedom.

Full text of “Chaos Gnostic “

I am willing to leave the Paradise, and to search for my True God! This fact makes Her therefore the Mother of All, and is a maternal trait that is reflected both in the macrocosmic ewqngelia as in the microcosmic, and by extension in Her interaction with the initiated.

Visualize it with intensity. I asked Lilit to grant me the Powers of the Qliphothic Realm where she czarlwnic. The path that is not, or is neither here nor there, the path that A.

Come from the Eternity, beyond the Paradise, and tempt me with your forbidden fruit, tempt me with the Knowledge and Power, and let me become a God! In Gamaliel we find dreams and visions, but of a different nature: It is thus important to know the beauty of the Mother, Her power, Her darkness.

Her main influences are surreal and symbolist artists like Hans Bellmer, Arnold Bocklin, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Gustave Moereau and Franz von Stuck, who have sinister, qliphotic subjects in common, while some of them even portrayed Lilith or subjects, that are linked to her, like the Fall of Man. One problem, for photography and film, is the vicariousness.

Society has considered sex as a taboo for a long time, and the adept of the Left Side must strive to be free from these conceptions and make use of his or her full sexual potential in order to reach deeper parts of his or her mind and soul. Painting images in my head and reinforcing the thoughts into manifestation via madness in the old woman.

Współczesne czarownictwo – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

By the time you feel you don’t need any more to do this, buried the jar in a secret place and let the Decay caused by Lilith’s venom finish the victim, invoking her in a time you know the target is sleeping.


It was obvious her mind was gone from senility and possibly dementia. Once the step is given and the snake begins to unscrewed, both in the personal universe as in the macrocosmic face, the encounter with Lilith as the Sexual Initiatrix, the one who through the liberation of the inhibitions and exaltation of the erotic current trigger the opening of the Soul; occur.

Feel the power of the black fire all over your being, feel your body burn, bursting into flames. The Tunnels are filled with many Mastem-ic and other worldly life draining powers.

Gilgamesh cuts the huluppa tree where she resides, thus forcing Lilith Inanna, Ishtar to escape into the desert. Dreams and Nightmares The night incursions of Lilith are a constant for those that work closely with her and have the blessing of the Goddess, the approach of the Mistress of the Dark Dreams is unmistakably. The Mother Night Hag visits her children 1 1 times, performing cleansing rituals, leading to transformation of inner Self, inner transubstantiation of beauty and integrity.

I lived as your arms warmed my body, igniting the fire of my soul I sank to your heart and love enveloped me HI. The meeting with the Witch of the Night is intimate and personal for each initiate.

I transform into a Dragon and I rise with you beyond the Eden! Why did the Goddess escape from Eden? In this way she would be similar to the Christian idea of the Holy Spirit. Joga snu Michael Katz. If you’re male, visualize Her as your Lover, in your bed.