AR Datasheet PDF Download – ROCm Single-Chip MAC/BB/Radio, AR data sheet. Data Sheet PRELIMINARY April AR ROCmTM Single-Chip MAC/BB/ Radio for /5 GHz Embedded WLAN Applications General Description The. AR datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format.

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There are four scenarios where the CPU Reset can be asserted: Radio The AR transceiver consists of four major functional blocks see Figure This CPU has four interfaces: The flow control of the four mailboxes must be managed by software.

AR datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

The Atheros logo is a registered trademark of Atheros Communications, Inc. It then begins communicating with this host. A ero nf 2. Reset and Power Cycle Timing 30 30?

The Atheros dataaheet is a registered trademark of. Receiver Characteristics for 2. Because the ADC dynamic range does not span all possible input power levels, an automatic gain control feedback loop is designed into the radio and baseband receive 24 24? For both 5G and 2G paths, mixers down convert the signal to baseband in-phase I and quadrature-phase Q signals.

The PCM controls all power and isolation control signals for the entire chip. A block diagram is shown in Figure It is responsible for modulating data packets in the transmit direction, and detecting and demodulating data packets in the receive direction. If the host status overflow bit is set, any mailbox Tx bytes that arrive from the host when the mailbox is full, are discarded.


Building on the daatsheet. The PCU also handles processing responses to the transmitted frame and reporting the transmission attempt results to the DCU. The least significant bit of the register is ANTA. Decisions on rate and output power are directed by the MAC through the use of transmit data headers.

All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders. To ensure that FCC limits are observed and output power stays close to the maximum allowed, transmit output power is adjusted by a closed loop digitally programmable control loop at the start of ag6002 packet.

There are two major mechanisms for this: Weak signal detection will correlate against known preamble sequences when gain changes are not occurring. See the AR block diagram on page 1. The AR has an internal calibration module which produces a The AR can handle only one of these hosts at any given time.

The counters may count messages, memory buffers, packets, or any unit that software defines. For the 2 GHz operation, the transmitter is implemented using the direct conversion topology.

This feedback loop recognizes when input signals seen by the ADC are either too small or too large, or even saturated. Messages include packets, control messages, or any software-defined communication. Absolute maximum ratings are those values beyond which damage to the device can occur. This clock is completely independent from those mentioned above and is driven by the external host to communicate with the AR This clock drives the interface logic as well as a few registers which can be accessed by the host.

On power up or 22 22? A reference circuitry generates a signal used as the synthesizer reference input. All processing is done at the baseband frequency. Boot code in the ROM first detects the presence of an external host. Transmitter Characteristics for 2.


SWL-A20S Datasheet PDF

Multiple I2C devices with af6002 device addresses are supported by sharing the two-wire bus. The AR family includes a highly integrated, front-end module Power Amplifier, Low-Noise Amplifier and RF switchenabling low-cost designs with minimal external components.

Minimum clearance of 0. Building on the advanced performance and features of the AR family, the compact size and low power consumption of this single chip design make it an ideal vehicle for adding WLAN to hand-held and other battery-powered consumer electronic devices.

If not, an datashete regulator can be used.

AR Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

If an external crystal is being used, the AR disables the on-chip oscillator driver. Before symbols can be decoded, this channel estimate is inverted and applied to the incoming frequency symbols for channel correction. The ae6002 block requires 1. This is done through a dedicated 8-bit bus interface that is controlled through transmit and receive framing signals. Output is single ended. As long as the host status underflow bit is set, any mailbox reads that arrive when the mailbox is empty, return garbage data.

The Atheros logo is a registered trademark of Atheros Communications, Inc. This is used mainly for register accesses.