By TCN News,. New Delhi: The Post-Sachar Evaluation Committee, headed by Prof Amitabh Kundu, presented its final report to Dr Najma. The perspective of the Sachar Committee Report. Role of positive . professor Amitabh Kundu .. of the original Sachar committee report. that study as well as from the Sachar Committee report released in . Amitabh Kundu, Sept ), which found that financial constraints.

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Incentives required to allow private sector to do so must also be devised. However, the ITI model has become outmoded in its programmes and finds few takers among the target population.

Ministry of Finance, after reviewing the expenditure upto September, of this Ministry in the pre-budget meeting, commityee the allocation to Rs. Previous 2, killed in deadliest massacre by Boko Haram in Nigeria. Efforts to incentivize and promote integrated housing and neighborhoods is kunxu most durable way to improve living conditions for all citizens, because divergence in living conditions will persist as long as different communities occupy differentiated spaces in the urban geography.

In this context several new schemes proposed in the 12th plan such as the Pilot Scheme for Training for Young Leaders among Minorities and Pilot Scheme for Urban Youth Support line should be rolled out by the government as soon as possible. The Summary and Recommendations of the Kundu committee: Time to act on Kundu Panel report.

It may also recommend schemes, which have the potential of addressing the development needs of minorities to the concerned central ministries for inclusion in the 15 PP.

Housing conditions particularly in urban areas for different socio-religious groups suggest that Muslims households live in poorer conditions than other groups.

The basic idea is to work vommittee the index for all institutions with the specific aim of increasing the representation of under-represented groups in them by drawing their attention to the lack amitxbh diversity that currently exists.

The share of minorities in government employment remains low — less than half of the share of their total population in the country — despite all efforts.

The lower percentage of Muslim households participating in public employment programme, compared to Hindu or Christian households suggests that such programmes are unlikely to address the core problem of the Muslims — the most deprived minority in the labour market. The scholarship schemes have been popular among minorities. With regard to the schemes of the Ministry of Minority Affairs, the Committee has recommended, inter alia, that there is a need to make the number of scholarships demand-drivenallocation under Multi-sectoral Development Programme MsDP need to be increased and allocation for Leadership Development Scheme for Minority Relort needs to be substantially enhanced.


The Report was examined in this Ministry. However, Muslims could get only The proportionate improvements in educational attainment during and do not alter this pattern. Wide differentials exist in the quality of employment wherein Muslims are found in a disadvantageous situation with reference to the type and sectors of employment. Only some schemes, largely run by the MoMA khndu targeted at minorities.

Vaccination rates in Muslim dominated districts should be carefully cpmmittee. Private and Public Universities must also come forward to recruit and provide scholarships to Muslim minority students to pursue higher learning. The rising incidents of communal polarization and violence must be addressed firmly and urgently, both at the level of the Centre and the States through legally available means, committfe by upholding the stated national political commitment to bringing an end to the manufactured polarization.

Kundu Committee on Post Sachar Evaluation submitted its report to the Union government

This distortion needs to be corrected at the earliest. Without a amiabh range of empowerment initiatives, Muslim women will be unable to address amitabu vulnerability and work towards empowerment. Special attention needs to be paid to this disadvantaged group among the Muslims, including provisioning of scholarships for OBC Muslim boys and girls and vocational training that are inclusive for girls and gender sensitive, going beyond the traditional vocational programmes. The member panel, headed by Prof Amitabh Kundu, was constituted in September,to review the implementation of the recommendations of Sachar Committee on the social, economic and educational status of Muslims in India.

In ecology, a Diversity Index is a statistic that measures the bio-diversity of the ecosystem by measuring the number of species in the ecosystem and their abundance species richness and species evenness.

In order for government schemes and programmes to work successfully on the ground, active participation of an alert citizenry is essential. Refrain from posting comments that are obscene, defamatory or amitxbh, and do not indulge in personal attacks, name calling or inciting hatred against any community.

This would help initiating a new process and trend in the country, enabling the idea of diversity taking root in the minds of the decision makers at all levels. Fake social media post sparks communal tension in Uttarakhand. The share of minorities in government employment remains low — less than half of the share of their total population in the country — despite all efforts.


Diversity index and Anti-discrimination legislation together can help build a more equitable society and a deeper and more widespread notion of equality that go beyond group-specific quotas.

Kundu Committee on Post Sachar Evaluation submitted its report to the Union government

This shows that except Muslims and Buddhists, the two most deprived minorities, other minorities are able to corner proper share in PSL. The government should undertake an expert evaluation and comprehensive institutional and organizational restructuring of MAEF towards this end. Featured Today In Travel. A sustained course correction will require continual engagement with new ideas and new thinking that go beyond existing schemes and programmes for the welfare of minorities; to pilot new interventions that may be more responsive to the needs on the ground, commttee a view to up-scaling best practices.

Unfortunately, however, most of the key social sector programmes do not identify the beneficiaries by their socio-religious categories. These must also be placed on websites for full transparency. Unless critical masses of Muslim women reporrt mobile and able to jundu access the state machinery, they will not be able to seek redress for the development deficit facing them. All Government agencies should be directed to incorporate socio-religious categorization of beneficiaries in their information system, designed for government programmes and other data collection exercises and provide such reporh to the NDB on a regular basis.

It should also consider reviewing and amending the Dargah Khwaja Saheb Act in the context of the changing needs of the society.

According to the Kundu Committee report, Muslims continue to be left out of both government jobs and the urbanisation wave. Access to credit facilities and organization of training facilities forskill development must be linked with the employment generation programmesat micro level, particularly targeted to the Muslim concentration districts. Woman gives birth on railway platform; cops create labour room Najma A Heptulla file photo The entire report can be read here.

It submitted its report to the Ministry of Minority Affairs on September 20,but there has been no movement thereafter. Towards a new equity paradigm: City 7 killed as fire breaks out in Mumbai high-rise