Amber Diceless Role-Playing: Diceless Role-Playing System [Erick Wujcik] Dragons Monster Manual (Core Rulebook, D&D Roleplaying Game) (D&D Core. Amber DRPG Info. Powers Outline · Powers Info · Pattern Champions · Spending Points · Sub-Stat System · Game Logs · Rumors · Trumps · Other Amber Texts. Thanks to the first Amber Game Masters, Randy McCall and Don Woodward. Diceless Role-Playing™ System Designed & Written by Erick Wujcik based on.

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However, no new edition was released before Guardians of Order went out of business in Amber Diceless Roleplaying is considered the granddaddy of diceless RPGs, even if it wasn’t the first, and even if the mechanics were never re-used again.

Retrieved from ” https: Namely, they only work if the players are good at generating plots themselves. That gives rise to an interesting situation. The only ways around it are to put enemies at a disadvantage so they aren’t at full strength, or to try to turn it into a contest of another stat instead. The new company is named Diceless by Design. With two or more equally determined players, this can result in a “bidding war” where the attribute is driven up by increments to large sums.

Amber Diceless Roleplaying Game

It meant that if you wanted to rope them, you needed to be tricky. If you ever get into a game, expect many houserules. The initial bidding helped set up the rivalries between the characters. Plxying separate by space: For example, if two characters are wrestling the relevant attribute is Strength; a character could reveal a weapon, changing it to Warfare; they could try to overcome the other character’s mind using a power, changing it to Psyche; or they could concentrate their strength on defense, changing it to Endurance.


The expansion, Shadow Knightadds Constructs — artifacts with connections to shadows. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help.

Further, a character with a bid-for gamr is considered to have a slight advantage over character with a bought-up rank. The Chronicles of Amber. Wujcik also expressed a desire to create a book giving greater detail to the Courts of Chaos. And it plaing promote role-playing because the best allies for your character were the other characters.

And there came the fun of the game.

Things I learnt from Amber Diceless Roleplaying

Amber DRPG advises gamemasters to change rules as they see fit — even to the playijg of adding or removing powers or attributes. Whoever ended up on the throne was the winner of the game. PsycheStrengthEndurance and Warfare.

Through the competitive Auction, characters may begin the game vying for standings. The former option is one presented in the book; the latter is known in the Amber community as an ” Amethyst ” game. Please select a support frequency. Players are also allowed to overspend in moderationwith the points becoming bad stuff — bad luck which the Gamemaster should inflict on the character.

Diceleas character’s ability scores are purchased during character creation in an auction ; players get character pointsand bid on each attribute in turn. After the auction, players can secretly pay extra points to raise their ranks, but they can only pay to raise their scores to an existing rank.

Close ranks result in longer contests while greater difference between ranks result in fast resolution.

It features a unique for its time diceless resolution system; and a attribute auction character creation system. Some Amberzine issues are still available from Phage Press. Every one in the Amber family is a surgeon dicleess this method because it’s too useful. The trick here is to provide a character that is interesting to interact with… and can be interacted with in separate ways by different PCs.


This page was last modified on 19 Decemberat In a hotly contested gamee, such as for the important attribute of warfare, the most valuable skill is the ability to force one’s opponents to back down. If you have the higher stat, you will win; maybe not quickly, but eventually.

Things I learnt from Amber Diceless Roleplaying – Merric’s Musings

In that, the characters were vying for the throne of Amber. Psyche for telepathy and magic EVERYBODY uses magic and has psionics, so it’s the most important Strength for lifting carrying, and hand-to-hand this is what makes fights deadly, so it’s the most important Endurance for how long you can last and this fuels any other endeavor, so it’s the most important Warfare for any kind of fighting, whether it be swords or guns or army tactics and since this is used when you get into fights, this stat is the most important Yes, I see what I did there, but that’s the way it’s described in the book.

Progression Tree Skills, professions, magic abilities, etc. You wanted to be the best spellcaster? It will primarily be one or two people talking, with others contributing a much lesser amount. Retrieved 27 November Retrieved from ” https: Part of this comes from a lack of knowledge about the setting. Since a player cannot control another player’s bids, and since all bids are non-refundable, the auction involves a considerable amount of strategizing and prioritization by players.

Amberzine Issue – Mar