Al-Ibaanah is launching it’s Online Arabic Language Studies Program. We are currently accepting registration for the Women’s and Men’s Online Arabic Program. The latest Tweets from Ibaanah Arabic (@IbaanahArabic). Sheikh Abu Abdil Alaa recommends studying at Al-Ibaanah Arabic Centre and clarifies matters. Joined December . Sisters, if you studied at Al-Ibaanah and traveled, Level Two women’s online classes start July 16 Contact.

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They will worship Me alone, not associating any partner with Me.

Tuition Fees

We must adhere to this Ssnnab as ifit were obligatory. They attained full security and complete authority and establishment – and this one of the astounding Sigru ofAllaah. They cowe to me d.

This applies until the Hour is established – that whenever the Muslims comb ine eemoanand righteous and correct action – then that which Allaah promises will cenainly occur.

And do not follow other paths, they will seperate you from IIis Path.

Show ,nercy to one pho is apon ilte eorth, and. Some Benefits from this Hadeeth From the hadeeth we can conclude the following: I metthe Messenger ofAllaah snlloll’aoha taloy’ti wo sollom arrd asked: The proof for this is from considering two matters: Our methodology allows for rapid advancement and mastery of the language.

We hold strong ibaannah that a student, in order to fully understand the Arabic language, should be completely immersed in an atmosphere of hearing and using the language.

Hewho reportsftom all, then lethim not soy excEt thatwhichistrae. O Abu ‘Abdullaah, you saw Sa’eed ib4 lubayr and others, he said: They were ordered by Allaah to fight. Furthermore it is not necessary that they succeed one another. Generosity and Miserliness This statement aims at drawing one’s attention to the fact that what is intended for charity is that which he actually gives away.

Spaces will be limited and it is a first come first serve basis. This is enough for us, because Allaah says: Ubayy ibn Ka’b said that the Messenger ofAllaah sollalbabu’ahyhi wa sallom said: Whosoever calls to Allaah without knowledge, then such a person will cause greater harm than good – as is evident.


L3lH – ra’hima’halloolr- said: S The point being made is that we are not trying to call the people to the opinion of some of the Soofees, who believe that it is forbidden for a Muslim to Possess wealth and take part in any worldly traruaction. Rclarcd by Ibn Maajah no.

Likewise,inthe matter of do’woh calling to Allaah, which is built upon commanding the good na’rooJ and forbidding the ap nunhar. Part of making ones actions righteous is through good wealdr that is earned law. He then recited this verse. To command mo’roofrs good and is to be followed, whilst munkar is evil and is to be shunned.

Diseases which now cause so much fear in Westem societies like America and Europe.

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So hewho otttibatesto meths. The Slave of Wealth Someone may ask: Rclated byAbu Daawoo d no. They remained in such a state until they were ordered to migrate to Madeenah. So it is obligatory for a person to first aquire knowledge, then to do d’o’wah. Every single Prophet and Messenger came to his people saying: Sablimc -are the same as if he had disobeyed Him, that is to say: Clinging to that which the C,ompanionss of Allaah’s Messenger salldllaobu ‘alayhi pfr sallfrnt were upon, taking them as our example to be followedr6 avoiding InnovationlT and wcry Innovation is misguidance.

Due to this, you will find that most ofthe supplications made in the Generous Qur’aan are by this name: The invisible side is that the angels walked behind him. And the majority of the ]urisprudents are concemed with dialectics and how to win arguments.

And people have discussed at lengths ab ottt mahabbah – its causes, its signs, its fruits, its supports and its rulings. Register now to reserve your space in our schedule.


The Scholaris onetowhomAllaahhas givenknowledge and who may or may not be a dao’ee. He prays at night whenthe people are asleep,’ then his actionbecomes boa.

He wrho goes out for knowledge seeking the action by the knowledge, even little knowledge benefits him.

Al-Ibaanah Arabic Language Center Cairo

The Scholar – because he corrupts hk Deenthrongh that. Beware of th e fitnab trial of the ignorant worshipper and the wicked scholar, because the trial of these two is indeed a trial for everyone put to trial’ If you find questions and nced forfdtwanrthen take advantage of it – but do not compete desirously for it’ And beware of being like the one who loves that his saying is acted upon, or that his saying is publicised or listened to, and if that is abandoned, the effects of that inaanah seen upon him’8 And beware of the love of leadership, since leadcrship may be more beloved to a man than gold and silver – but it is something difficult and obscurq and ibaanau will not be understood except bywise Scholars.

Rather, a truly generous person is one who gives charity whilst he holds onto his life and also wtrilst he loves this wealth very much. This is why the suength of the Muslims is not in their great number – weaPons or wealth – but it is in their ‘oqeednh belief and their adhereing to it. But stick to the original state of affairs which was there before they divided.

When the Prophet had finished the Prayer he got up and left, so the Ansaar approached him. This is aotauthentic from Ibn al-Mussafb – since the isna,ad. I40H ‘rohimohullasb – sai.