To get only the cpu info from the topas command terminal. pre AIX The topas tool is a full-screen tool and its output is not well suited for. TOPAS – NMON: TOPAS Reports selected local and remote system statistics. The topas command requires the and file sets to be. An interactive paper that provides help on understanding the fields from the AIX topas command and what commands can be used to dig deeper into a.

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The top two lines at the left of the display show the name of the system the topas command runs on, the date and time of the last observation, and the monitoring interval.

.net – How to strip ANSI escape codes from AIX topas command result in C# – Stack Overflow

The maximum number of workload partitions that are displayed yopas the number of hot WPAR that are monitored when they are specified with the -w – flag. Enable remote command support on topxs HMC for user hscroot to allow ssh connections to be opened from the partition. This functionality is currently available only for HMC version 5 and above, and should only topaw enabled after careful consideration of any security implications. Anonymous May 9, at 5: Finding an offending process is the easy part of the battle when diagnosing CPU issues.

Item Description Processor utilization This subsection displays one-line report summary of all the processor usage. Replaces the report on the total network activity of the system with the list of the busiest interfaces. The size of a transfer is not determinate. Originally Posted by rpm Or you might like nmon but your topas-loving colleague is watching over your shoulder.

The total monitored memory of the system sum of the values of the Mpsz metric and the Total memory of dedicated memory partitions metric. Additional Topae Utilization Panel Subcommands When the topas Cluster Utilization panel is active, it accepts the following additional 1-character subcommands.


This is also the maximum number of disks displayed when enough room is available on the screen.

The standard method of measuring memory is by looking for paging. Positioning the cursor over a column activates sorting on that column.

TPS The number of transfers per second that are issued to the virtual target device or disk. The following headers might be displayed in the screen: Computational page frames are generally those that are backed by paging space. This list can be sorted on any column. Replaces the default display with the full-screen process display. Contains the topas command. Displays the total number of workload partitions that are defined in the system. Runqueue The average number of threads that were ready to run but were waiting for a processor to become available.

The doubt I have is in the results of the commands output.

ART The time to receive a response from the hosting server for the read request sent. The number of physical processors that are available in CEC system. Depending on your type of application, it is possible to have improved performance when implementing this technique.

If you have a SAN or another type of storage array, you should try to create your arrays of equal size and type. The topas command reports selected statistics about the activity on the local system. Each time the monitoring interval elapses, the program checks for one of the following subcommands and responds to any requested action.

This can be considered an expression of the footprint of the process but does not include the memory used to keep the executable program and any shared libraries it may depend on. All other behavior for the CEC and any other panel remains the wix in the event of migration or hibernation. As I have suggested half a year ago.

This is also the maximum number of disks displayed when enough room is available on the screen. The total toas of the memory pool in use this is the sum of the physical memory allocated to all of the LPAR in the pool. KB-W The total number of kilobytes written to the adapter. Pmem The physical memory that is backing ajx partitions logical memory if in shared-memory mode.


Thanks a lot bakunin! The number of kilobytes ttopas is read per second in that path. Typically, these may be resources that share the same hardware node. The maximum time to receive a response from the hosting server for the read ais sent.

topas Command

The following fields are displayed by both formats: Number of interrupts per second vi. Find all posts by rpm When this number exceeds the number of network interfaces installed, only the installed network interfaces will be monitored and displayed.

You might be surprised to hear that iostat is not one of the tools recommended to help you with long-term gathering of statistical data.

The best time to start tpas your systems is when you first put your system in production, and it is running well rather than waiting until your users are screaming about slow performance. The top part of the display shows a list of hot WLM classes, similar to the WLM classes subsection on the default display, but with enough space available to display the full class names.

This includes page faults that do not cause paging activity. Static power save mode is enabled. The following metrics are displayed in this panel: Panel Freezing Specified by pressing the space bar key on the keyboard.

In the Volume Group panel topas -Vyou can select a volume group name and press the f key to display the list of top logical volumes that belong to the volume group at the bottom of the LVM panel.