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ACI R Cement and Concrete Terminology Reported by ACI Committee Hamid Farzam Chairman Glen Bollin Bernard J. Erlin Fred. Note: A newer version of this document exists. This document was replaced by R ICRI and ACI member, he serves on several committees including. , Construction American Concrete Institute Committee , “ACI R, Cement and.

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Blaine test—see test, Blaine. This document is intended for the use of individuals who are competent to evaluate the significance and limitations of its content and recommendations and who will accept responsibility for the application of the material it contains.

See also damage, abrasion, and erosion. This document has been approved for use by agencies of the Department of Ack and ai listing in the DoD Index of Specifications and Standards. See also concrete, insulating and concrete, low-density. See also mixing time. See also sway brace and X-brace.

ACI R Cement and Concrete Terminology 水泥和混凝土术语_百度文库

See also tension, diagonal. All rights reserved including rights of reproduction and use in any form or by any means, including the making of copies by any photo process, or by electronic or mechanical device, printed, written, or oral, or recording for sound or visual reproduction or for use in any knowledge or retrieval system or device, unless permission in writing is obtained from the copyright proprietors. See also analysis, sieve. See also surface, specific.


See also concrete, lean. See also aggregate, gap-graded. Kelly ball—an apparatus used for indicating the consistency of fresh concrete, consisting of a cylindrical weight 6 in. Gillmore needle—see needle, Gillmore. See also joint, hinge; joint, Mesnager; and joint, semiflexible.

See also concrete, central-mixed; concrete, shrink-mixed; and concrete, transit-mixed. See also dicalcium silicate and tricalcium silicate.

International Concrete Abstracts Portal

Committee has tried to produce a glossary that will be useful, comprehensive, and up-to-date. Blaine fineness—the fineness of powdered materials such as cement and pozzolans, expressed as surface area per unit mass usually axi square meters per kilogram, determined by the Blaine apparatus.

Each definition shall be stated in one sentence; 2. See also concrete, rubble. See also admixture, accelerating. 000 also concrete, architectural. See also bond breaker and oil, form. ACI Committee Reports, Guides, Standard Practices, and Commentaries are intended for guidance in planning, designing, executing, and inspecting construction. D-line cracks—see D-cracks preferred term. See also crusher, primary. See also column, slender.


In the event that a user disagrees with aco of the definitions, it is hoped that the reasons for such will be given to the committee. It is to be used generally and specifically in ACI technical communications, correspondence, and publications. See also checking and crazing; also known as pattern cracking. See also biological shielding. L-beam—a beam having a cross section in the shape of an L; a acl having a ledge on one side only. ACI Tolerances for See also joint, cold.