Many books have been written on seduction in recent years, es- pecially after the release of Neil Strauss’s The Game: Penetrating the. Secret Society of Pickup. In his latest book Minimal Game: The No-Nonsense Guide to Getting Girls, a fast- paced page read, Aaron Sleazy starts off with a refreshing, commonsense. Aaron Sleazy is a blogger and long time manosphere writer. He runs a blog at Men, Women, & Society where he writes about dating, culture.

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Minimal Game: The No-Nonsense Guide to Getting Girls

Learning how not to be scared shitless For one thing, your focus is on the wrong spot. George Lampron rated it it was amazing Oct 25, No eBook available Amazon. It should therefore not be read to learn pickup at all. The main thing I disagree with you about in this review is when you say Sleazy Stories is for guys with average experience. You don’t actually need to approach that many women to get laid, as long as you pick ones who are already interested in you, so being completely fearless is not necessary.

Men, Women, and Society: Coming Soon: Minimal Game by Aaron Sleazy

And you WILL fail even if you’re good, altho probably lesser. But instead, he moved in closer to me, whisper “now she’s getting damn fat man! Trivia About Minimal Game: Thanks for the support, stu!

I’m not interested in learning pickup from someone who has that kind of attitude. PM me for details!

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I will discuss the importance of the environment which has been completely neglected by any other “guru” as far as I knowand I will present you with simple blue prints to success with women, much simpler than any of the available. The guy who introduced me to all this said “when you talk to girls, don’t talk about facts, but talk about how you feel”.

Simply put, it would be better to approach one woman and take slwazy home, than approach and take one home. Sorry to say, but there’s no such thing as magic bullets. In some way it will be perceived as “Minimal effort to get laid”. Francisco minikal it it was amazing Feb 05, His stories book nothing special either, if you really want to read some incredible good stories take and read any guy from the MASF archives.

Janet Morris added it Mar 16, Ibrahem A’mer rated it liked it Oct 08, Anonymous November 7, at 4: Francis Smith marked it as to-read Jul 06, Aaron has a much more realistic and natural approach to picking up women that he explains in his book Minimal Game.

Grey zone are girls who will sleep with you without a better option. Taking actions and such. Michal marked it as to-read Mar 10, This is a fairly modest goal, but it is a realistic one that is within reach for pretty much any man However, by revealing the key aspects of seduction, Minimal Game provides such a strong foundation that you will greatly benefit from it even if you are already getting a lot of women.

Minimal Game: The No-Nonsense Guide to Getting Girls – Aaron Sleazy – Google Books

So the book arrived yesterday, and I haven’t really going all the chapters thoroughly. But there is some periods where I find his massive ego came to clash with other posters like JWS or Blackdragon.

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Drawing from his vast experience with women, the world-renowned seducer Aaron Sleazy wrote Minimal Game for regular guys who want to get laid more often, and without having to rely too much on luck. I’ve been looking to make the best out my small city experience. Last edited by Bogs ; It was kinda hard to find his report from the archives back then but then heard that he’s writing book.

Minimal Game by Aaron Sleazy Review

While this may seem obvious now Aaron wrote this book at the heigh of PUA popularity which made some splashes. Originally posted by Bogs View Post. A man who wants to take his sex life into his own hands is going to have to make the first move and be the one who approaches women. I did sign up to the gym. Anugraha Mohapatra slexzy it Apr 13, Nikita Voloboev marked it as to-read Dec 19, For example Aaron recommends invading a girls personal space and light touching to see her receptiveness.

Originally posted by Illuminatus View Post. He was the guy who introduced me to DyD. Without attraction nothing is going to happen.